Taking the first step…


Er – Konnichiwa !

This is my very first post as an anime blogger so I’m going to start with a little introduction.

My, Shiizumi’s, blog will be a compilation of my thoughts about animes. May it be episodic (for those on-going series), editorials (for the anime series I’m going to re-watch) and personal. Nothing out of the ordinary (for now).

This is really for my own pleasure. I am inexperienced in blogging and is still trying to grasp some things but I’ll be very much happy if someone finds this blog of mine useful.


So, why did I name myself as well as this blog as “shiizumi”? Well just look at the picture above and you will know. It’s from the name of two characters in anime No. 6 Shion and Nezumi (I extended Shii for a better effect).  I just so love the ring of it.

Why create this blog?

Well, why not?

Anime has been a great part of my life since my childhood. But it triggered my anime otaku-ness inside last summer, 2011. Back then, I had so much time to spare that leads to my constant anime viewing which eventually became a habit. And currently (the year I started this blog), year 2012, I have watched more that 100 anime series. The digits are not that high compared to others but I’m still proud of it.

I also have an interest in writing. However, English is not my native language so I’m having some difficulties. So in order for me to hone these skills, I created this blog.

Regarding the frequency of my posts, it will depend on my free time. I’m currently taking an Accountancy degree (wew) and it eats much of my “thinking” time. However, I will also commit myself in this blog.


Er- a little bit about myself. I’m an 18 year-old anime otaku living a simple life here in the Philippines. Besides being an anime lover, I’m also a Potterhead *Avada Kedavra!*.

So that’s all for now. Wait for my next posts 🙂


3 thoughts on “Taking the first step…

  1. Welcome to the aniblogosphere! Hopefully you will find it a lot of fun (if you don’t have Twitter, I suggest getting it, because that’s where we’re all silly!) 😀

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