K Episode 6 – “It’ll all work out – sorry”


This is one of my most awaited anime this season. After watching the trailer on YouTube, I grabbed my phone and posted on my calendar the date of the anime release.

The animation is one of the best, they say, of the season. Well produced and costly. However, I prefer less flashy animation and graphics. Sometimes, K’s animation hurts my eyes.

Another problem is, I cant keep up with their names, except for Shiro, Kuroh and Neko. Anyone else I do not know them. Am I just a sucker with remembering names? Or are they just not that interesting YET?

However, after watching the first few episodes. I don’t get it at all. I know it’ll be answer on the later episodes, but I hope they will hurry up.

Thank goodness, some are quite answered with this week’s episode.

There’s something wrong around Shiro.

What I like about this anime is that all characters are good looking. Seri is so gorgeous in this episode. I like her looks here more than anything she’d look before.

Everyone’s forgetting about Shiro. Hmmm. He might really be the Colourless King.

We are having some flashbacks of when Totsuka was still alive and when Mikoto became the Red King. We also see how the looks of these two evolves. Totsuka is a kind guy. I think he is the reason why Mikoto is able to control himself up until now.

Oh, Anna is so cute. I wanna get her out of the screen and bring her home. Nope. This is not child abuse.

Totsuka sings. He have a good voice. Nice job for his seiyuu.

While we’re having a flashback at Homra, these two are having some problems. Oh no, Kuroh don’t kill him yet.

So we have it. Totsuka’s end. Poor Mikoto. Poor red guys. They have my sympathy.

Yeah. Don’t let the final curtain to fall. Or this show will end in no time.

So that ends this episode entitled “KARMA” with Totsuka singing the ending sequence. Seeing this picture of them all together made my chest hurt a bit. They had a strong bond so I can understand how the red guys feel. JUSTICE for Totsuka!

Next episode preview, there will be some actions.

We saw lots of things, and it somehow cleared some things in our mind. Or in my mind at least. Six more episodes. I think it is too short for there are less plot development at this moment. I am hoping they wont rush and cram some events in the remaining episodes.

By the way, I wonder why the title is K? Does it mean, KINGS? or is it because every episodes are titled starting with letter K? Or is it already answered and I’m just a bummer who doesn’t look at it around the net?

Never mind.

8 stars

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