Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 7 – He looks good in pink!

After a great and funny episode last week,  this anime needs to continue its momentum. So chips ready, I hit the play button.

Yoshida Haru went back from his “date” with Mizutani Shizuku in the library. He seems to feel down after being rejected by Shizuku. Then he saw the picture of his aunt Kyoko and we saw a glimpse of his past with her.

The atmosphere is becoming serious, until…

Oh Haru how dare you mention it again to Oshima!

After Haru helped Oshima with her problem, she finally realized that she loves Haru. However, since she’s a very perceptive girl, she knew that Haru and Shizuku likes each other. I do feel a chemistry between these two. I may even support her for Haru. But it will be quite boring. Mizutani on the other hand with all her conflicting emotions between her love for Haru and studying, that makes the show interesting.

After hearing that Shizuku rejected Haru, she gains confidence to confess but is pulled back by Haru’s serious expression. Instead, she gave her support to him.

Natsume appears and interrupts the conversation. She then gives advice to Haru about not giving up. What’s with her angsty look?

I really like her character. A stupid, clumsy yet funny and reliable person. I would like to know more about her and why people call her slutty or phony since I don’t see any of these characteristics on her. She’s so bubbly and it makes her so likeable. I’m looking forward for an episode or two all about her.

Human will wither away if they’re always alone

I am very intrigued by Haru’s past. We know not that many about him. We do not know yet his parents, what happened between him and Yuzan, why he lived with his Aunt and etc. In episode 2, Haru said something about being empty inside.

I hope you find someone whose presence is enough to soothe your pain

Really. I like to know the pain that Haru felt and why he is feeling that. More backstory please! Anyway, Shizuku is well suited for this “someone”. She changed Haru tremendously.

Haru confessed once again to Shizuku. But this time, it is more certain and I can feel the romance and sweetness of the word “I love you”. Shizuku became flustered by the sudden confession since she doesn’t expected it after rejecting Haru.

He looks really good in pink by the way. And I’ve notice that he wears pink mostly in this episode. Gotta love pink.

They are such a funny couple.

Yamaguchi Kenji (Yamaken) makes another appearance attending the same cram school with Shizuku. I think that Yamaken will be or currently interested with Shizuku. I can feel another love triangle building up!

Oh Haru, are you a dog or what? Licking Shizuku’s hand like that, of course she will get mad.

Everyone is busy in the preparation for the upcoming festival. Class 1-B are having trouble finding a good location for their booth. So they tried asking for the first building  but the seniors, being scary, find their way with it. Shizuku’s plan even failed to get the best location because of Haru.

After having a fight with the seniors, Haru is punished to picked grasses until the festival. He thought that Shizuku is angry with him because she achieve her plan but Oshima explains that Shizuku is only worried to him. Oshima then decided not to give up her feelings for Haru. On the other side, Shizuku is listening to them. Quite conflicting feelings eh?

On their way to shop, they meet the gang of Yamaken. Oh, they even go to school? And a school for elite to top it all. Then they go to the cram school to check their scores.

I don’t really get this attitude of Shizuku. Anyway, we will all see how she will grow out of it.

Yamaken’s friends receives tickets for the upcoming festival. They call Shizuku a study bug which kinda suits her well.

Hey Haru! Are you planning to lick Shizuku’s lips? It’s so near. But remembering Natsume’s words;

There’so nothing more repulsive than being touched by the person you don’t like

He holds back. Seeing these two blush is such a good sight. They are both so cute. Shizuku ran and keep convincing herself that she did the right decision of rejecting Haru. But I’m telling you Shizuku, you’re going to have a hard time standing on your decision.

So that ends the 7th episode of Tonari. Not as funny and lively as last week. Maybe because it focuses more on the romance now.

But overall, it is a good and sweet episode.

7 stars

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