Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 8 – THE FESTIVAL

Every school-life romance anime have their own dose of festival episodes. Tonari no Kaibitsu-kun is no exemption.

Class 1-B is having a Zombie House of Terror. Yamaken’s group arrived at Syoyo and entered the house being greeted by Mizutani Shizuku on her zombie-nurse-with-huge-syringe costume. She toured the group inside the house and played her role quite naturally, without even trying.

Shizuku started to doubt herself. She used to be firm with her decisions but now she’s becoming indecisive on how she will approach Haru.

Yuzan in the Syoyo. I smell some danger.

Yamaken is lost and found Shizuku. She toured her around the school with Natsume and found Haru.

Seeing Haru’s reaction, Yamaken teased him a bit. Which results to…

Second strike.

Shizuku, the coldest attitude she can, demand a two meter distance between herself and Haru.

Shizuku opened up to Natsume which made the latter happy. She tried her best to give some advice but to be responded with “It’s none of your business.”

It pissed me off a bit because all Natsume wants is to help Shizuku. She just care for her. But Shizuku – O well, I just feel sorry for her. I would love to comfort her.

Expectation. Shizuku has some expectations for Haru that’s why she cant break free from him.

Did you hurt them???????? Honestly.

Yamaken’s heart makes a BADUMP! Hmm. They have some similarities.

Yamaken saw Yuzan and hides. He’s scared of him. I wonder why?

Oshima and Haru entered the room where the two hides. Haru confided to Oshima. Oshima even tried to make a move on Haru. Well at least a bit. By the way Oshima looks good.

Yuzan entered the room and the atmosphere become tensed.

Meanwhile, Mitsuyoshi comforted the crying Natsume. I can feel a romantic atmosphere building up around them. Hmm. I thought about it back from episode six but disregarded the thought but now!

Sasayan saw them. I prefer him with Natsume. Well let’s see.

Haru hostaged Oshima and hurt her because of his fear of Yuzan.

Shizuku comforted Haru and admitted that she also makes a LOT of mistakes. Haru then rushes off to apologize to Oshima.

Finally Shizuku apologized to Natsume. I teared up a bit because I so pitied Natsume back then. At least they reconciled.

All and all…

Torn between studying and her relationship with others especially with Haru, Mizutani Shizuku keeps on making mistakes. Over thinking. Over calculation. That’s her greatest flaw. Instead of facing herself and the person concerned, she keeps on making unnecessary measures that hurts Haru, Natsume and even herself.

I cant fully blame her though. All those emotions and relationship are new to her. She kept on saying that she is fine being alone but what’s the role of her family? Now I wanna know what’s within the Mizutani residence.

Haru on the other side, just like what Shizuku said, is like a spoiled child. Acting violently and having no control of himself. He also throws the blame to others. He only resort to violence. Look at what he have done to Shizuku and Oshima.

O well. New episode please.

8 stars

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