K Episode 8 – Scepter 4 in Action

K offers us a good episode this week with a lot of info dumping and… blushes. Oh there are only two, sorry.

Himmelreich flying above the city

The episode continued where it left off last week with Shiro, Neko and Kuroh after the flashback.

The trio, Kuroh, Neko and Shiro, revisits the place the latter two call their home. Having all that events happening around him, Shiro becomes more and more of a serious character. Well, I like it anyway.

Awashima explained to the blue king, Munakata, the failure of their pursuit. That’s no surprise having the black dog and a powerful strain protecting Shiro.

Fushimi reported that a member of the pursuit team was attacked. Munakata thought that Shiro’s group left them a message. Shiro left a note “1400” indicating the time of their call with the use of the PDA they got.

WAIT A MINUTE? What’s with this thing? It keeps on appearing on appearing during their conversation.

Oh look at him! Declining the offer of sitting with the two and that weird looking thing.

Shiro called the Blue King and demanded to bring the man in the airship to the ground so that he can ask some questions. He strongly believes that Weissman is heavily involved in that murder.

While they are talking the Scepter 4 are making a move on detecting where Shiro is. Fushimi got a lot of screen time eh?

The Blue king agreed to the demand to detain the First and Silver King Adolph Weissman and also demanded for the three off them to turn themselves in afterwards. Awashima seemed surprised by his King’s decision.

Fushimi’s team bought Shiro’s cheap trick and failed to find them.

Ok time for a blush Shiro! I am quite excited for this team up. They have nice combination, powerwise.

The Blue guys are making a move in detaining the Weissman. They are having their biggest operation yet since they are against a mysterious king.

Oh look, she blushes!

So Munakata had his own suspicion regarding this Silver King. A lot of explaining here and there.

What’s with Fushimi? He seems to be a little – um how do I say this, worked up or something.

Why would they go that far for a murder of a single person? Doesnt that happen everyday?  Not that I’m complaining since I want JUSTICE FOR TOTSUKA-SAN!

The operation begins and the Trio sneaked into one of the helicopters of Scepter 4.

The Silver King is giving me the creeps! His personality and gestures is just so like the one in the video. My theory is somewhat making more sense now.

Neko plays with the controls and then they are off the formation… BAD NEKO!

Weissman pressed a button and then…


Just what the hell happened?

The blue guys are having a lot of screentime especially Fushimi. It finally showed how they do their things. I wonder what the Silver King’s power is. Even Munakata seemed a bit doubtful regarding having to face him. We need more information about him. Anyway, I think it will be tackled in some other episodes.

Homra, especially the Red King, will take the action next week. Gotta watch it!

6 stars

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