K Episode 9 – It’s time for you to go, Red King!

Adolf Weissman

A flashback in 1945 at Dresden Germany where Adolf Weissman was shown presenting his experiment with the “slate” to Lieutenant Kokujoji. He presented a rat with a “power” coming from the slate which enabled the rat to command other rats inside the maze. He seemed to be a carefree and bubbly guy back then.

Adolf Weissman

Later on, a series of bombing happened which killed many people including Adolf’s sister. He was shown with the “sword” near the slate. That’s when he gained his power as the first king.


The same year, at Berliner Vorort, Adolf decided to run away and retreated at his airship, the Himmelreich.


Back to the present, the Scepter 4 arrived at the crash site and when they are about to investigate the location, the “USAGI” were already there.

Awashima Seri

Awashima investigated the helicopter which the three, Neko, Kuroh and Shiro, rode. She discovered that the pilot and the crew were hijacked.

Yashiro's Classmates

Back at the school, Kukuri and the others are still preparing for the festival. They keep on remembering a guy but they cant put a name on him. They even visited his dormroom.

Gold King and Blue King

The Fourth and Blue King Munakata Reisi visited the Second and Gold King at his headquarters. The First and Silver King Adolf Weissman lies there unconscious. They both summoned their swords and the Gold King attacked Munakata without saying anything with each other first.

Silver King

Munakata asked some questions regarding the body of Weissman. He believed that the Silver King is an immortal king who retained his youth and vigor up to now.

Munakata Suoh

At the Scepter 4’s headquarter, Mikoto Suoh received a phone call from a person inside the room of Shiro. The caller said…

About your man…Was it Totsuka?

His man? Ahem. Anyway. The caller claims to be the one who killed Totsuka and keeps on provoking Mikoto. The caller, with his fox spirits, tried to get inside the head of Mikoto but fails.


Mikoto followed the spirit and tracked him in Shiro’s room. He made the phone explode.

Red King

Mikoto decided to break out. The Scepter 4 put some barriers to no effect.

Scepter 4

Awashima tried to stop him. But she is just NO match for a king. She even cant handle Kuroh who was way behind the level of Mikoto Suoh.


The Red King blasted them all off. Thanks to Fushimi’s protection, Awashima is still breathing. Seems like Fushimi cant bring himself to go against Mikoto.


Homra guys are waiting for Mikoto outside. Then they left off without the interference of the Blues.


On their way back, Anna cut herself with her marble. Her blood turned into a ball of marble and showed Mikoto’s dream.

An exciting episode! K is picking up speed. The story is getting more and more interesting as more and more Kings are making their appearances. What happened to the Lieutenant? Who is the guy at Shiro’s room? Someone is using Shiro as the target of rage for both the Red and the Blue. I just hope that the Red King can see through the disguise.

Kukuri and the others also made their appearance in this episode. Maybe they will still play a role in the coming episode as the Homra will be targetting the school on the island.

Shiro, Neko and Kuroh are missing in action.

The preview, waa! Though I know it’s just a fanservice. Anyway, cant wait for the next episode!

9 stars

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