Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 10 – Christmas Party and Jealousy

Natsume Asako

It’s Christmas season and Mizutani Shizuku received numerous invitations for a Christmas Party at the Misawa Batting Center coming from Summer X. When her things got disturbed, she confronted Natsume Asako who spat it out easily.

Yoshida Haru

After knowing that Yamaken likes Shizuku, Haru went back to his previous state. Glaring and scaring people around them which made Shizuku wonder why.

Haru, Shizuku, Yamaken

They went to order some chicken at RFC (haha) where they found Yamaguchi Kenji and his gang. Shizuku invited Yamaken to join their Christmas party. Yamaken would’ve refused if only Haru did not try (unconsciously) to provoke him.


Haru spilled that Yamaken likes Shizuku which surprised the others. But Yamaken says that he was just joking and Haru believed him.

Natsume Asako

At the Christmas party, there’s a level of awkwardness between Natsume and Mitsuyoshi Misawa. Natsume started to see “colors” whenever she’s around Mi-chan.

Sasayan and Ooshima

Sasahara Souhei was on his way to the batting center when he saw Ooshima Chizuru. She was at the meeting so she didn’t know about the Christmas party. Sasayan invited her to the party but she’s a bit reluctant. Finally, he managed to urge her to come.

Sasahara Shouhei

Sasayan realized that Natsume has fallen for Mi-chan and said that he lost without losing his calm. He even admitted that Mi-chan was cool back then. Wonder how things will develop between these three with only 3 episodes left.

Ooshima Chizuru

Ooshima feels a bit awkward surrounded by weird people. Her tendency to stick with normalcy seemed weird in that situation.

Ooshima and Yamaken

Poor Ooshima. Poor Yamaken. The one they like are so insensitive.

Yoshida Haru

HAHA. Yamaken saw an opportunity to make Haru jealous. Both he and Shizuku are going to the winter cram school. Haru asked Mi-chan if he can also attend the cram school only to be dismissed because they don’t have the money and he doesn’t needed help.


Yamaken tried to delay the decision of Shizuku but she already made up her mind. Natsume keeps on observing these two.

Yamaken and Natsume

Natsume confronted Yamaken and asked him to stay away from Shizuku and Haru.

“You have no chance with Mitty! She has Haru-kun!”

That made Yamaken snapped. You don’t need to say it like that Natsume. Then Ooshima made her entrance and Yamaken said that Natsume should also tell Ooshima to stay away from Haru.

Yoshida Haru

Yamaken provoked Haru only to find himself almost to be pushed down the building. Thanks to Shizuku, he’s still alive. Gosh. Haru is so scary.

Sad Yamaken

Poor Yamaken. Okay, that’s the second time I said it. People keep on trampling on his feelings. He’s definitely hurt.

Mizutani Shizuku

On their way home, Haru made a reference about Akutagawa’s Kumo no Ito and talked about some things about it. He compared Shizuku’s hair as the spider’s thread and of course, he as the one in the hell.


Haru asked Shizuku not to attend cram school with Yamaken. Which made Shizuku ask if he was jealous. He said he is.


Shizuku tells him that she loves him and he can trust her.

Mizutani Shizuku

But Haru remains jealous and asked her not to go to the cram school which made Shizuku angry.


Okay. Calm down. Calm down.

WHAT’S WITH HARU? Did he just tried to push Yamaken off the building? I know it’s Yamaken’s fault by provoking him, but really? Okay. (breathe in, breathe out)

So, I know we all have mixed feelings about this attitude of Haru. We all know that he have his own “past” that resulted to this kind of feral attitude. I have to remind myself for a moment there.

But I’m starting to dislike Haru and have my sympathy for Yamaken. Not the dislike in the sense that I’ll start hating him. It’s just that he’s too clingy and overprotective to Shizuku that he will shield her from any possible competitors and say…

“I found her first.”

I really like that the author DARES to put a flaw that can put the character in the dislikes of others. Not the flaw like clumsiness or something, but some real flaws.

There are LOTS of things to be tackled, with only three episodes left. Like what really happened with Haru in the past? What’s up with Yuzan? How will Asako and Mitsuyoshi’s relationship develop and what will Sasayan do?

We will get to know Yamaken next episode. Hopefully it will shed some lights regarding his and Haru’s past.

This post is way too long. So, I’ll end it here.

9 stars

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