K Episode 10 – To see a “Friend”


The Homra along with their king, Mikoto Suoh, invaded the island of Ashinaka High School. They locked down the place and took a full control of the said island.

Kusanagi Izumo

Students started to panic. Kusanagi Izumo asked them to calm down and cooperate with them as they search for Totsuka Tatara’s killer. Er, he said that after Suoh blasted off the school’s clock tower. What a way to put everyone to calm down.


The members of Homra started to roam and look around the school. Everyone is scared. Thanks to Neko’s perception manipulation no one remembered Yashiro Isana. Though it seems like Kukuri knew something and keeped her head down.

Awashima Seri

Outside, Sceptre 4 surrounded the island. Awashima Seri apologized for having the Red King escaped under her nose.

Munakata Reisi

During the blue king’s , Munakata Reisi, conversation with Awashima he mentioned that the colorless king was like a trickster who agitated the relationships between the kings. He loathed it especially when it was not under his control. Which was unlike the previous colorless king, Ichigen Miwa who secluded himself in the mountains.

Anna Kushina

Later on, Anna Kushina visited Mikoto on the roof and took a nap.

Kusanagi Izumo

Kusanagi received a call from who I think is Awashima, taking a request from Munakata.

Yata and Kusanagi

Kusanagi called Yata and talked about some things including Fushimi. It was revealed that Fushimi was the previous partner of Yata in Homra. There’s also something Kusanagi said to Yata though we dont know what it was.


We’re then exposed to Fushimi’s betrayal to Homra. He thought that it was stupid to have power and just use it to play punks and gangsters. So he said. But I think there’s something more about it though I doubt that we’ll know.


But now that he’s a member of the Sceptre 4 , where rules are rules, he’s bound to obey them.

Mikoto, Anna, Kusanagi

Kusanagi paid a visit to the Red King and the sleeping Anna. He talked about Totsuka’s words which came true that Mikoto will become a King. Though he’s real intention was to say that there’s someone who wanted to talk to Mikoto.

Munakata and Mikoto

Mikoto met with Munakata. The blue king gave him an ultimatum to leave the school and the innocent students inside it. Munakata said that Mikoto’s Sword of Damocles is in a bad condition and it may be crushing down soon, especially if he’s about to confront the colorless king.

Munakata and Mikoto

But Mikoto said that they should mind their own business. Oh well.

Munakata and Mikoto

So they’re friends! Munakata wanted him to go down the position of being a king. Maybe because if the Sword of Damocles falls, the owner will die. So it’s not just for his own sake, it’s for a friend.

Shiro, Kuroh, Neko

Shiro, Kuroh and Neko is BACK! The three, foolishly, sneaked and arrived at Shiro’s dorm. They found it in a total mess.

Yatogami Kuroh

Shiro asked Kuroh to seek for Ichigen’s word, who is believed to see the future, through the recorder. But now, Kuroh didn’t rely on Ichigen’s word but with his own decision and that is to save Kukuri and others.

Yashiro Isana

That made Shiro blush. He loves to blush, doesnt he?

A rather laidback episode. We are shown a lot of dialogues and character interactions. But unlike some episodes, it wasnt the least bit boring. It’s like the calm before a storm. Though it’s not a total calmness, at the same time, there’s not enough suspenseful events. I like this episode though I was expecting a bit of actions here and there.

Okay, it was mentioned that the colorless king is a trickster. Assuming that Yashiro Isana is indeed the Colorless King and the killer of Totsuka Tatara, doesn’t it make sense that he purposely put himself in an amnesiac condition so that when time comes he can prove that he is innocent? Just a thought. Though I wouldn’t want Shiro to be the “real” bad guy.

Also dont you think that, given that the killer is not Shiro, the killer should be anyone we know so far? It would be lame to have another character introduced for the role of the killer.

As for Fushimi and Yata, I think Fushimi was jealous of Misaki and Mikoto so he joined Sceptre 4 (obviously implied). That is, to give Misaki a reason to look more at him. Hmmm. Love it.

Now, Kukuri. Her character seems to intrigue me. I dont know but there’s something about her that keeps on bugging me. Oh, never mind.

The preview looks promising. I am sure that there will be a lot of actions. A Sword of Damocles is also shown. Hopefully, we get to know who the killer really is.

7 stars

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