Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 11 – Lots of Yamaken!

Yamaken Megane

Yamaken was having a hard time figuring out why he likes Shizuku. But everytime he does, her actions just give him the answer.

Picture jealousy

Sasayan developed their pictures during their Christmas party. Haru saw a picture of Shizuku and Yamaken and upon seeing that, he crumpled and threw it.

Natsume Asako and Sasayan

Natsume picked it up wondering what he saw, but saw the picture of Mitsuyoshi. Sasayan’s facial expression says something hmmm…


Yamaken said it himself that he has no trouble getting women. So he wondered, again, why he is attracted to the plain-granny looking-studybug Shizuku and if he was supposed to hit on her.

Yamaken x Shizuku

I seriously want these two to be together!


What the hell Haru? Yamaken saved your Shizuku! What a way to thank him? Every little things seems to tick off Haru especially if Yamaken is around Shizuku.

Cute Yamaken

Haha. Yamaken found an opening to tease Haru. So, what will Haru do with this kind of provocation?

Violent Haru

Throw a can what else? But unfortunately it landed on Shizuku’s head. Third strike Haru. Third strike.

Scary Shizuku

And all she did was glare at him. Nuff said.

Oblivious Shizuku

Shizuku apologized for what Haru did on Yamaken. She is still oblivious on why Haru is jealous of him.


Yamaken cant stop smiling because Shizuku said he’s appealing. Yeah Shizuku. In many ways. Prove it Yamaken.


Ooshima’s friend, Yuu, keeps on staring at Yamaken during his most unanticipated moments.

Young Yamaken and Haru

On his way home, Yamaken saw Haru. He remembered Haru’s attempt of pushing him off the batting centers apartment which made him scared.

Haru offered to led him to the bus station.

During their walk, Yamaken remembered his childhood with Haru. Haru seemed to consider him as his friends. Only to be one-sided.

Violent Haru

We also got to see Haru’s violent streak in the past.

Haru and Yamaken

Haru doesnt believe that he’s changing, as Yamaken said. He said that it is Shizuku that keeps on changing and he is afraid of her leaving him behind, making him consider tearing her arms and legs. Well, what a scary way to put it. However, I believe on what he said that he wont do it to Shizuku.

Spider Thread

This is the spider thread story from last week’s episode. A good representation of Haru’s behavior. He seeks salvation, with the help of Shizuku, so he tried to keep on clinging onto it shrugging everything that comes in his way.

Young Yoshida Haru

Rain pours and Haru started on remembering his past with his brother, Yuzan. I still dont understand some part of it. But apparently, they grew further apart up to the point that Haru hated his brother. Or I think, he’s feeling guilty or something. Yuzan blamed Haru for something and cant bring himself of hating him.

“I’ve always wished that you never exist.”


Haru hugs Shizuku

Shizuku appeared when he’s about to break down. He gave her a hug and thanked her for always being there during the times he needed her to calm him down. Another confession of love is declared.

The music is so sweet and appropriate to the moment. I almost feel like crying upon hearing the song right after the sad flashback.

Shizuku x Haru

“I love you. I dont want you to hate me, but I dont want you to leave me behind either.”

Natsume Asako

So Asako gathered up the courage and is going to face her feelings with Mitsuyoshi. Wonder what will happen next.

My Thoughts:

This is a rather serious and emotional episode. Okay, maybe just for me. This episode focuses on our triangle – Haru, Shizuku and Yamaken, exchanging POV among them.

Shizuku loves Haru. Haru loves Shizuku. Both confessed with each other. Under the fairy tale assumptions, they should reach their happy ever after. But unfortunately, love doesnt go that way. Confession is just a mere start of a whole new relationship. Both of them are trying to figure out what to do next. Both have their own demands to each other. Shizuku wanted Haru to give her her personal space and trust her more as she focus on studying. Haru wanted to have a proof and reward from Shizuku. Reward from restraining himself.

But as their relationship goes on, they keep on clashing with each other. Even Shizuku herself acknowledge them being out of sync. I dont know what will happen between them with only two episodes left. I just hope we wont be having another open ending.

Okay, so Yamaken said that Haru has changed. Is it true?

For me. Yes. On the good side, he isnt as antisocial as he was before meeting Shizuku. On the bad, he seems to be a bit more violent. Maybe because he’s forcing himself to restrain. He isnt a bad person, that I am sure. He has his past. But you cant deny the fact that he is scary and dangerous. No wonder people tried to avoid him. Even in real life, if I meet someone like that, I better stay away from him.

Again, I salute the author for creating characters far from being perfect. I’m sick and tired of the almost flawless characters from most of the shoujo manga.

I’m kinda sad that this anime will come to its end. I hope they’ll make another season, but I cant wait that long so I’ll start reading the manga.

7 stars

2 thoughts on “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 11 – Lots of Yamaken!

  1. “Again, I salute the author for creating characters far from being perfect. I’m sick and tired of the almost flawless characters from most of the shoujo manga.”

    I don’t know if I dislike that cliche or not but Tonari also seems to have that overused baggage trope when it comes to a characters oh so tragic past. If it’s not one, it’s the other. And man I am tired of it too. Shizuku should just get with Yamaken already!! lol.

    • “Shizuku should just get with Yamaken already!! lol.”

      How I wish!!! Anyway, we can’t totally avoid cliche. So at least, Tonari’s characters are appealing/interesting without being too perfect. They have some real flaws that some authors would be afraid to give their main characters, with the fear of being hated or something like that. So, yeah 🙂

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