K Episode 11 – The First and Silver King

Sceptre 4

The Scepter 4 was on the standby waiting for the Blue King Munakata Reisi’s order. Right then, an explosion occured inside the school. It was set by a masked man.

Thinking the Red ones are behind the explosion, they entered the school. Awashima ordered them to surrender but the Homra guys won’t budge. Munakata left the situation to Awashima.

Awashima Seri

“We will advance with swords on hands for our cause is pure!”

The Sceptre 4 drew their swords ready for a war. Fushimi was enjoying the situation.


“No Blood! No Bone! No Ash!”

Led by Yatagarasu Misaki, Homra started their move as well.

Red vs Blue

Fights were everywhere. However, that didn’t stop the explosions around the school. Munakata used his power, ran in the air to check for the source of the explosion.

Munakata Stabbed

He helped a Homra guy, only to find himself being stabbed by him. With that smile, I can conclude that he was being possessed by the spirit.

Anna Kushina

A huge quake happened. Anna checked outside and saw someone from the rooftop. She was left unconscious after being attacked by the student. I forgot his name but he is the guy who liked Kukuri. We also saw the same smile.

The trio and Kukuri

Kuroh, Neko and Shiro found Kukuri and saved her from the explosion. However, they were found by the Red King, Mikoto Suoh. Look at Neko’s reaction!!

Yata vs Awashima

After the attack on Anna and Munakata, the Red and Blue battle became fierce. Yata started fighting Awashima.


Fushimi interfered saying that Yata got to settle a score with him. Yata complied.

Mikoto vs Kuroh

Protecting his friends, Kuroh faced Mikoto. Neko tried to help with his perceptual manipulation but to no effect.

Yatogami Kuroh

While Neko, Shiro and Kukuri started to escape, Kuroh was overpowered by Mikoto.

Munakata vs Mikoto

Munakata interrupted, claiming he now grasped the situation. While they were fighting, the four escaped.

kukuri stabbed Shiro

Kukuri stabbed Shiro. Look at her!! Anyway, the fox spirit possessed her.


Everything became colourless, black and white. So it is safe to assume that it is the colourless king’s doings right?

Isana yashiro

The fox spirit entered Shiro’s mind and tried to control him, again. It seems like he possessed Shiro and killed Totsuka before.


The spirit escaped using Kukuri’s body. I think it will be long time before he leaves that body.

Sword of Damocles

Shiro’s sword of Damocles was shown. Everyone was stunned seeing a beautiful silver sword with the other six colours on different parts.

Adolf K Weissman

Isana Yashiro is the immortal Adolf K. Weissman. He now remembered his past as the First and Silver King.

My Thoughts:

This is by far the best episode of K. It totally redeemed itself from its first three episodes. Even those episodes made sense throughout my K journey. All the puzzle pieces are almost complete we just have to wait for another two weeks for the total revelations.

For what we saw in this episode, Yashiro Isana is the First and Silver King who apparently lost his memory because of unknown reason. It would’ve surprised me if I hadn’t read a very sound theory from a tumblr account. I really thought that he is the Seventh and Colourless King. Although I also noticed the similarities between the Adolf K Weissman in the flashback and the current Yashiro, I didn’t conclude that they are the same person. Maybe because of the man at the ship, who we don’t know the real identity.

Another theory I stumbled upon is this.

Yashiro Isana (Colourless King) – Adolf K. Weissman (Silver King)

Yashiro Isana (Silver King) – Adolf K. Weissman (Colourless King)

According to this theory, Yashiro Isana switched bodies with Adolf K Weissman believing that he will gain the immortality of the first king. But apparently, the powers were also transferred as we saw at Shiro’s quick healing. However, I doubt this one. At this episode, it was also shown that Shiro was possessed when he was at school making him kill Tatara Totsuka.

So, what is the real motive of the Colourless King, given that he is the real antagonist of this show? To start a war among the kings is a possible answer. He, who is the weakest among them, would gain an advantage if the Kings fight.

During the confrontation with Mikoto, I think that he knew that the culprit is residing in Kukuri’s body. He’s not really aiming for Yashiro. However, since Yashiro is there it made me believe at some point that he is really after him.

Anyway, I’m not really good with these theory stuffs I’m just going to wait for it to unravel right before my very eyes. There’s only two more weeks left, I’m going to miss this highly produced anime.

9 stars

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