K Episode 12 – Will you be my very first?

No Shiro! Kuroh should be your very first. If you know what I mean.

No Shiro! Kuroh should be your very first. If you know what I mean.


Shiro told Neko and Kuroh how he swapped bodies with the Colorless King. He explained that the Colorless King keeps on transferring from one body to another and is now inside Kukuri. He asked them to help him save her. His sword of Damocles disappeared and the clans war continue. Munakata and Mikoto’s fight continues with their swords of Damocles in the sky. Awashima saw this and tried to go to Munakata. She encountered Shiro and Neko and was turned into his temporary clansmen. They went into where Kusanagi is to ask for his help. Shiro got a call from Lieutenant Kukojoji telling his plan on dealing with the current situation. Meanwhile, Kuroh asked the clans war to stop. All but Yata and Fushimi agreed so the three fight each other. Kusanagi and Awashima ordered the Red and the Blue to help evacuate the students off the island. But the Colorless King stopped them momentarily, making them panic. Shiro, with the help of his first clansmen Neko, calmed the students and promise them that they wont get hurt. The Colorless King is now on the move, with Kukuri asking for help.


body swap

All the puzzle pieces are now together. The theory I posted last week is correct. Isana Yashiro is the new colorless king. He snatched Adolf’s body with an attempt to gain his power of immortality. The Silver King is not affected by external influences so his power was not transferred. But since the Colorless King’s is able to affect other kings, their powers clashed and he became amnesiac.

red and blue

What’s the true intention of the Colorless King? What will he gain by clashing the two kings?  Now that he is in Kukuri’s body, the more reason for  Shiro to get involved in the problem. He, along with Neko and Kuroh, needs to save her. The Colorless King is not the only danger in the island. The Red and the Blue King as well. They are fighting each other, for some reason I don’t know, which will put everyone on the island in peril. How will he save her and everyone on the island? How will he stop the Colorless King’s plans? I think he is planning to sacrifice himself, as we can infer with his conversation with Lieutenant Kukojoji, the Gold King. But I know that Kuroh will find a way to slay the Colorless King and save Shiro if that will happen.

kukuri 1


kukuri 2

and this….

kukuri 3

and this….

kukuri 4

The Colorless King transfers from one body to another and it seems like he also get a hold of ones experience and abilities, in short a part of their souls. No wonder he seems to have multiple personalities within him. Creepy.

awashima and Neko

Neko and Awashima are so cute in this episode. I’m starting to like Neko. I dunno but at first I am irritated with her presence in the show. But as the show goes on, as she wear clothes, I kinda like her. As for Awashima, it’s shocking for me to see her like that.


He looks cool 🙂

I really enjoyed this anime, quite disappointing at first but it redeemed itself episode by episode. It’s thought provoking in its own way and the way the dots are connected was satisfying. All the clues are all over the past episodes waiting to be revealed in this episode. Now, let’s wait for its conclusion. Are we going to witness deaths? Death of Mikoto or maybe of Shiro? What will happen with the war between the First and Silver King and the Seventh and Colorless King? Let’s all find out next week.

8 stars

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