Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 13 [FINAL]

Oh Haru


Yoshida Haru is looking for someone. He visited Shizuku, Natsume, Sasayan and Yamaken to ask if they saw “him” and left some things in the process. They all decided to bring those things back at the Batting Center. Yuu-chan saw Nagoya and sends a picture of it to Ooshima. She told Yuu-chan that it’s Haru’s and guides her to the Batting Center but she’s lost. Shizuku, on her way home, saw Yuu-chan and Nagoya and helped her to reach the Batting Center. They all gathered in the center knowing that Nagoya is the one Haru’s looking for. They decided to look for Haru, except for Shizuku and Yamaken who decided to go home. Shizuku saw Haru on the steps . He told her that he was looking for a firefly so that they can watch it together. Then, they saw the firefly which soared beautifully before disappearing in the night sky.   


The final episode of Tonari brings all the characters together in a nice and clever way. The characters definitely is the best asset of this show, the producers definitely know this so they mixed them all in this episode. Everyone is interesting in their own way that the audience of the show want to know more about them. The supporting characters are not just your normal supporting characters. The main couple is not your normal shoujo couple.

yuu-chan taking pictures

Seeing them all together made me realize how much Haru and Shizuku’s worlds grow within the span of 13 episodes. The relationships of all the characters are very realistic, especially their interactions with one another. They are not forced. It just happened! Well of course, except for those obvious things for comedic purposes. Shizuku and Natsume’s friendship started to grow as the former started caring for the latter. Sasayan is pushing Natsume to face her feelings for Mi-chan even though he himself has taken a liking on her. Yamaken is still flustered every time Shizuku’s around. And…

Yuu-chan and Nagoya

… there is Yuu-chan. Seeing her for only a few moments made me like her more than the other characters who are there since the beginning of this show. I want more Yuu-chan!

According to the official website, an OVA of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun was announced to be released in the summer of 2013. It will be bundled with the 12th volume of the comic book.

Now, Tonari definitely needs another season not just an OVA! After focusing on Natsume last week and this kind of final episode left the development of the main couple’s relationship. I like the fact that they stick to their adaptation of the manga, so 13 episodes definitely aren’t enough. There aren’t that much closure in this season. Shizuku is still overanalyzing things as we have learned with her narrations. We are yet to know the pasts of Haru and Yuzan (though we saw glimpses of it). The interesting Sasayan-Natsume-Mitsuyoshi triangle still needs to be covered. What about Yamaken? Ooshima? And of course, we need more Yuu-chan. Or is it just me?

And oh don’t forget Shizuku’s speech.

There’s still so much I need to talk about…

natsume asako


sasahara souhei


yamaguchi kenji


Ooshima Chizuru




Anyway, I’ll definitely miss this anime. I’m super hyped watching this one. Shoujo animes haven’t been this enjoyable.

8 stars

2 thoughts on “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 13 [FINAL]

  1. im really sad about the ending that they not ended as a couple im disappointed about it shizuku should return what haru has feelings for her…..hope to hace 2nd season really hope!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I also hope that there’s a second season. I mean, it really feels like a teaser for us to read the manga. Nothing much really happened as if they just introduced the characters and their relationships to each other. I believe there’ll be an OVA but the chance of having a second season is quite… slim?

      Anyway, I’m more of a Yamaken x Shizuku shipper! But we all know who’ll end up together right?

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