K Episode 13 [FINAL]



The fight continued between Mikoto and Munakata. Kuroh managed to evacuate all the members of Homra and Sceptre 4, and finished his fight with Yata and Fushimi. He then pledged his loyalty to a new king, Shiro the Silver King. The two found Kukuri and tricked the Colorless King in possessing Shiro. He trapped the Colorless King inside of him and ordered Kuroh to evacuate Kukuri. He interferred with Mikoto and Munakata’s fight and ordered the Red King to kill him. Mikoto complied and Shiro shattered along with his sword. Munakata killed Mikoto before his Sword of Damocles hit the land. Then, the Homra did their chant in honor of Mikoto as their red marks rise up in the air. A black dog with a sword and a cat with an umbrella run off in the background.


Mikoto Suoh died. Isana Yashiro died (?). Everyone else lives. The END.

Well, what can I say? It’s a sad ending. Though I predicted that someone will die, I didn’t think that BOTH of them will die.


Just like Mr. Kusanagi said, Mikoto was the best king they could have asked for. Someone who would put his life on the line for his subordinates that was best exemplified by him avenging Tatara Totsuka’s death. He knew what will happen. He knew that he will die fighting another king and that his Sword of Damocles would fall and create another Kagutsu Crater incident.

munakata mikoto

Munakata wanted to save Mikoto from what he was planning to do. He’s not only doing this as a Blue King and as the leader of Sceptre 4 but also as Mikoto’s friend. He knew that Mikoto’s Sword of Damocles will kill the Red King so he wanted to prevent that. However, Mikoto’s one step ahead of him. He wanted Munakata to kill him before the Sword hits the land. And so he did.


It’s really sad that the Homra guys lost their king. I almost cried hearing them chant their “No Blood! No Bone! No Ash!”. They found a place to belong to in Homra. They found someone worthy of their loyalty. Especially Yata, Kusanagi and Anna. Well, all of them. Even Fushimi, who the Red King can’t bring himself to be bothered by his betrayal. Now, I don’t know what will happen to them but I’m sure Homra will still be there.

sceptre 4

While the Reds are grieving, Sceptre 4 is rejoicing for their King’s return especially Awashima, who is revealed to have “something” about Munakata (well, isn’t it obvious). Anyway…

As predicted, Shiro sacrificed himself to stop the colorless king. He tricked him to go inside of him and trapped him there. He get himself killed by Mikoto, knowing that only a king can kill a king. I thought Kuroh’s sword, Kotowari, can kill a king as well? Yes it can. However, Shiro also wanted Mikoto to get his revenge for his fallen clansman.


He was the immortal king. As much as I want him to be alive, I doubt he is. As Munakata said in episode 9, “as mighty as he might be, he certainly cannot be immortal (for the Gold King)…That also goes for the Silver King.” We also saw his sword shattered just like Mikoto’s so… But wait! We saw his sword again so maybe, he transferred his soul to his real body? I really hope so.


I want the three of them to be together again! Neko and Kuroh lost their King as well. No, they also lost a friend. However, they will continue to live. For their King. For Shiro.

cat and dog

Did you see the black dog with Katana and White cat with the umbrella? I wonder where they’ll be going? To their King maybe. ( I still have the tiniest hope up in here)

All in all it was a good and sad ending. The things the producers wanted to accomplish was neatly done.  And by the way…

According to 13th episode, GoRA Project and GoHands’ sci-fi-action anime series “K” will be getting a second season.

YAY! Wonder what will they cover this time? K, let’s meet again.

9 stars

28 thoughts on “K Episode 13 [FINAL]

  1. Can you please tell me what Mikoto whispered just as he was about to die? It bothers me. Or did apologize to Anna that she could no longer see the color red that she liked so much?

  2. I’m very confused as the reason why kings have to kill kings. Why the blue king wants to kill the red king. The relationships between the kings are so complex >”<

    • Kings doesn’t have the duty to kill another King. They’re just the ONLY one who are capable of doing so.

      Anyway, the Blue King Munakata killed the Red King not because he wanted to, but because the situation needed it. The Red King wanted to avenge Tatara by killing the colorless king, however, the possible consequence is another “Kagutsu Crater” so he wanted to be killed by the blue king before it happened. Of course, as a sense of duty and as the Red King’s friend, Munakata complied.

      It is indeed complex.

  3. I just watched episode 13 right now and I’m totally agree with you…Mikoto is for sure the best king Homura could have asked for. He’s handsome, clever, Kuroh claimes always the King and clansmen are for violence, but instead of their “street” behaviour, Mikoto is someone who teached to his boys to do the right thing, like avenging the poor Totsuka. Bonds thicker than blood..He decided to kill himself and avoid another crater for the sake of everyone, but most of all his comrades. The way he took care about Anna, it is just another way to show how much he could be special and kind.
    I’m so sorry about him, he was my fav chara of all…I’m not sure about Shiro’s death btw…it is true he’s the Immortal King, maybe he’ll find a way to come back.
    I’m sure we’ll see other Kings too on second season, and I wonder about Homura after Mikoto’s death…are they going to have a new king ?

    • I totally agree with all the points you’ve made, I think there’s nothing more for me to add 😉

      Anyway, there’s going to be a NEW red king that’s for sure, but I don’t know if it will still be at Homura. But it will be much better if that will be the case, maybe Yata or Kusanagi? Let’s just look forward to the second season and the movie (which was announced earlier this month).

    • I agree!! Shiro probably didn’t die! Pr I hope not. He’s the leading character after all. How can there be a sequel without him, right? 😀

  4. I’m not really sure about Yata being a King, after all he’s brave, a fighter and loyal to Homura group, but he looks like a kid. Kusanagi-san otherwise, looks to me the right person to choice as a king. He’s after all the right hand of Mikoto and the brain of all planes and moves while Mikoto is out. And he’s a good ambassador too, take a look at how he’s gently with Seri, even she’s Lieutenant of Scepter 4.
    I do not dislike Yata, btw, he’s my second fav chara, I like his rudeness *smile*

    Ne, Shiizumi-san, I would like to add a link for your blog in my personal one. You are not forced of doing the same, neither paying visit to me, I was just browsing and I like it!
    Tell me if there’s any problem for you, indeed.

    Hontou arigatou ^^

  5. Yeah, about the second season…are there any news about it ?
    Oh and I was wondering…final scene, episode 13, all tattoes are wandering in the air like little flames…Is there a Sword of Damocles in the sky, or it is just my imagination ???

    • As far as I know, there’s still no dates for the second season. I rewatched the last episode and the red marks formed as Mikoto’s sword of Damocles! I didn’t notice that at first 🙂

      • Oh, nice to hear that maybe I’m right!!!You know everyone says they hope Mikoto to come back.A little part of me is the same,but I’m not sure this is possible as Shiro,who claim to be the Immortal King.One thing is for sure, I wish someone of Homura to be the new King,Anna too, so we’ll have double chances to see the all group togheter again,boys with same powers too…after all some stranger could not be like Mikoto and have the same bonds they shared!!!Hope to see Kamamoto and Yata again!!!

  6. Uhm, most of the people say there’s gonna be a movie and not a second season…but I think I would be quite disappointed in this. There’s so much to say about Kings and everything else…one movie is not enough !!!

  7. I don’t want such a sad ending like this in the second season, not to mention if there is second season. Many had say that the first season of K is ‘disaster’, but whatever, so far it’s an interesting anime for me. So . . . if the second season then explain the other two kings, it would be better.

  8. hell,i want the red king Mikoto Suoh to make his return on season 2…after all,he is the character in the whole anime to impress me the most..!!

  9. I believe that the Colorless King’s vessel was destroyed; as in Isana’s body. I believe he’s still alive but the same situation happened, he got amnesia and is out there somewhere. Also, the people mentioned that he is immortal. Maybe it’s not the body that can extensively live, but his mind, soul, and heart is still alive. If what I’m saying makes sense. And I know this is random I just wanted to share my personal thoughts and get answers to what happens in the end, but that’s till season 2

    • Hmmm… that’s also what I would like to think. Kuroh and Nekko would be so lonely without him. Unfortunately, there’ll be no second season anymore. Just a movie… so… Let’s all cry 😥

  10. I know this will be horrible but I think no one from homura could be the king. You see, the silver king explains in a previous episode that a king is only a “super alpha type ” person and all his clansmen are somehow bound to him and can use the king’s aura. This sorta explains how fushimi was still bound to the red clan. When mikoto the red king died, the red clansmen were released of their bond to their king and the red clan (red clan, not homura) was dissolved. This also explains why kuro, who was a colorless clansman, was taken up by shiro as a silver clansman along with neko.
    aaaaaaah what a wonderful anime, I want a season 2!

    • Maybe I have to rewatch this show. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this show and written this review HAHA.

      We all want a 2nd season! They broke their promise 😥

      Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  11. The silver king has a possibility of still being alive… You see the colorless sword disintegrate, not the silver sword. And why put in the flash back of shiro saying he was the immortal king…

  12. Welp, now we know the Silver King is not dead, Anna becomes the new Red King, and the second season comes out in a month!! Mikoto is shown in the 2nd trailer and he’s listed in the cast for the new season+a promo photo of him that looks different than the ones seen in Season 1…what is this tease?!!! I would love to have him come back somehow, but I don’t know…..

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