Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 2 – No One Dislikes Maids

maoyuu mau yuusha


Maou and Yuusha went to a small village to take their first step towards their goal, peace. Maou wanted to conduct agricultural experiment and educate the people in the village. They were welcomed by Maou’s long time head maid. They went to inform the Village Elders about it but it seemed like they were not fond of the idea. One night, two young serfs broke into the stables. The Head Maid wanted to report them immediately but Maou decided for them to stay for the night, to have a bath and decent clothing. After being lectured about determining their own fate, the maid decided to hire both serfs as an additional maid. Yuusha went with Maou to the Village Elders and talked about her secret weapon.


I got nothing much to say about this episode. We were introduced to the cold and harsh yet logical and unyielding Head Maid as well as the poor young serfs who are now working as maids in the mansion. And then there’s this rushed romantic development between our main characters, Maou and Yuusha. That’s it, I think. But let me tell you what I think of this anime so far.

They're cute together

The Demon King (or Queen) decided to join forces with Yuusha so that they can achieve peace in a world where humans and demons are at war. However, they don’t want an immediate result since it will create a great disadvantage for both sides. Even the main character became weary of what he will do if the war ended. He’s not needed anymore. There were no battles to fight to. Of course, not just him but a lot of people gaining something from this war will experience a great loss. The biggest problem that they will face if this happens is starvation. So they decided to start by eliminating/avoiding famine by reorganizing villages and their fields.

This anime offers an interesting premise. Although sometimes forced, it is thought provoking and educational. The effects of war are well analyzed. However, I find it kinda distracting. Not to mention, a lot of info-dumping in these past two episodes are boring and quite hard to keep up. I just hope we’ll see some actions, swords and magic, in the next episodes.


One of my biggest problem in this anime is the main character. The main character, named Yuusha (Hero) is so cute. Am I right? However, as I said in my first impression, I don’t get him. He left his comrades because he wanted to kill the Demon King SO badly. But after seeing that the Demon King is actually a girl who has a pair of large bouncy bewbs, all of his resolves were gone. Poof. Yeah, he tried to oppose her but he didn’t do well enough. He’s not doing anything yet these past two episodes making me feel like he’s just there for us audience to understand what’s happening in this anime. Thanks to his ignorance. He has no personality unless you include acting cute around Maou.

head maid

Well, on the opening sequence, there are a lot of characters yet to be introduced so I’m looking forward to them. The art and the background music is so like an RPG game! I think that’s one of the reason I picked this anime. Hopefully this will do better in the upcoming episodes.

6 stars

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