Amnesia Episode 2 – The Starting Point



Our heroine was surrounded by a group of girls who told her that she didn’t keep her promise. A mysterious woman appeared and then she fainted. After waking up, she was troubled about what promise she could’ve broken that caused the animosity of the girls towards her. Then, even though she didn’t want to, she joined her co-workers on an orientation trip to an island, Aug 8th, and learned that she wanted to watch the meteor shower. At the time that she was alone with Shin, she became scared of him after discovering from her memory that he killed someone. She ran and fell from a cliff. Gaining her consciousness, she found herself in a hospital, Aug 1st.  To her surpriseShin visited and kissed her, and she tried to talk to Orion but he was gone.


This was better from what I expected. The mystery started to build up and I found it very interesting. It gives off a dark and creepy atmosphere with its art style and music.

The art is endearing especially the character and costume design. Though I think it’s over the top that they wear those fancy clothes even after work. I must admit that they’re all gorgeous. And their irises! The best I think.

In this episode, the girl (Damn, we still don’t know her name) still have a blank personality, thanks to her amnesia. We saw bits of her memory about her previous interactions with Shin and Kento. Same happened during the first episode with Ikke. So, Toma will be next right?


Anyway, in that flashback, we learned that Shin killed someone. But we didn’t know if it was true. Maybe her memories are still hazy. In Kento’s case, it seems like he didn’t remember the day they went to a festival. Or so he would like her to think.


Two important characters are yet to be named. The girl with the yellow hair and the creepy guy with the green hair. They’ll play a very important role in her life, I’m sure of it. Either as a friend or as a villain.


Orion, who kept on apologizing to our heroine because he felt like he was being useless, was gone. The heroine wouldn’t have gone this far if it wasn’t for him, so now that he’s gone what will she do next? He said that he was trapped inside the soul of the heroine, but where is he now? What’s this time travelling stuff that happened?

shin and eureka kiss

And oh! That kiss!

At any rate, I’m glad I gave this anime another chance. It is not at its best yet, it still need to improve some aspects like the girl’s personality and the game-y feel it’s giving off (well for me I don’t like it). I’m looking forward for the next episode.

7 stars

2 thoughts on “Amnesia Episode 2 – The Starting Point

    • She doesn’t have a name 🙂 It was purposely omitted so that the audience/player can identify herself as the heroine. No other reason. I think.

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