Kotoura-san Episode 2 – Let’s Meet Barfoura-san


The power of thinking pervy things


Mifune Yuriko, the President of ESP Research Society, forced Kotoura to join their club. Keeping his promise to never leave her side, Manabe-kun joined the club as well. Mifune showed and later on told Kotoura about her past to gain her pity. She decided to perform fortune telling in the school, to prove the existence of ESP as well as to promote their club. Moritani, the girl who likes Manabe-kun, thought a lot of awful things, to the point of calling  Kotoura a monster during her turn in the fortune telling. Kotoura puked and that caused a lot of bullying towards her. Mifune told Manabe-kun about it. He confronted Moritani and told her that he likes Kotoura.


Mind reading might be a skill most of us wanted to have but, as we can see in Kotoura’s case, it has its own downside. People choose what they want to believe in. Even if you shove all the proof under their noses, they may still prefer not to believe them. Same goes for ESP. I’m not saying that they are true, but who knows right? Let’s just be open to the possibility.

kotoura and manabe

Even though she has Manabe-kun at her side, the road is not going to be all smooth in Kotoura’s life. She gained two friends, umm let’s say seniors for now, Mifune and Muroto who are not afraid of her powers. In fact, they are really thrilled with the idea that people like her exists.


However, she met her first bump in the form of Moritani. That girl likes Manabe-kun. So when he got all of his time and attention to Kotoura, she can’t help but feel that he is being taken away from her. Bitch please, she’s not yours to begin with. I can’t help but feel really irritated with characters, perhaps people, acting like what she did in this episode. Like really? I can’t help but feel very satisfied when Manabe confronted Moritani. Anyway, we will get to know her better cause she’s one of the main characters of the series.

As we can see in the past episode, Kotoura is stronger than what she looks like. Being able to carry that burden all along, I give her credit for not breaking down. However, if she hadn’t met Manabe-kun, or any friend who’s not afraid of her, sooner or later, what happened to Mifune’s mother might also happen to her.

kotoura and mifune

Speaking of Mifune, she used Kotoura. She admitted it, but she has her own reasons. Even to the point of stooping so low as to use pity, she wanted to prove that there are people who truly possess ESP. But doing that caused Kotoura being bullied. Well at least she corrected her shortcomings.

This is a good episode. Manabe’s pervy acts/thoughts are so funny and Kotoura’s reactions to them are so cute! I hope they continue giving us good episodes and perhaps, better.

8 stars

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