Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 3 – Forehead Kiss, Lame

maou and yuusha


Maou and Yuusha’s experiment in the Winter Country is proceeding very well. So they go to the Lake Country, as the Crimson Scholar, to meet the prioress and ask for their help in propagating information about potato cultivation. The prioress turns out to be one of Yuusha’s companions, the Knight. They are able to convince her to build a convent in the Winter Country. Learning that the Mage went to the Demon World to look for him, the Hero goes into a journey to find and save her.


How to achieve peace? Plant potatoes. That’s the Demon King’s secret weapon. Waaaaay too far from what I expected.

Just like in the previous episodes, there’re barely, if not, no actions that happened this week. Just pure lectures from Maou-sensei about agriculture and economics, again. Not that I’m complaining though, since I learned something new. I didn’t know that potatoes could become poisonous! Wow.


However, there’s just nothing much going on despite the time skip. Just like in their relationship. Like really? There’s nothing happened between them all those months? After rushing their romance like that in last episode, they’re going to pull off a slow romance? The head maid has her point. Maou should really take advantage of our virgin hero or else she will never get what she wants. She’s very tactical when it comes to her plans but very innocent around Yuusha. Use your meat head! And so far she’s only the one working for their goal so I don’t see why she needs a hero. Hmmm.

maou and yuusha kiss

Just like what the Demon King said, education and science rely on the church. So if they wanted to educate and propagate the knowledge about potato cultivation, taking advantage of the church’s influence was a nice move. She’s going for influential organizations and using them to meet her goals. Nice one Maou!


We are also introduced to the other three companions of Yuusha. After hearing the rumors that the Hero died, the other three was offered some amount of money. The Knight, whom they met at the Lake Country, declined the offer and continued living as a prioress. The pervy old man, however, accepted the money and took a post in the Southern Countries. While there’s no news about the Mage who apparently looked for the Hero in the Demon World.

Since the Hero was set to look for the Mage in the Demon World, hopefully we got to see some actions. Not just lectures, for god’s sake! I’m starting to get bored with this one so they had better do a better job!

6 stars

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