Amnesia Episode 3 – You’re Still The Same Idiot, Idiot!

shin and eureka kiss


Shin figured out that our heroine’s memories are all confused. He helped her remember some things by bringing her to the university she’s attending to. He brought her to her band’s club room, where the two shared their first kiss, hoping that she will remember the memories of them being together. The next day, she went to work and asked her co-workers about her accident. But their stories differs in several details so she asked Shin about it on their way home. However, Shin won’t say anything except that it was his fault.


Everything is a mess right now. Even my memories are confused that I need to check last week’s episode to remember some details.

What more is our heroine?

she handles everything with grace

she handles everything with grace

Almost everything that is happening around her right now seems to contradict what she remembers. Poor girl. She only remembers few things and now they seem just like a dream, as if they don’t really happened at all. She went back from August 8th, the day of their trip, to August 1st. Woke up in a hospital and learned that she is dating Shin. No Ikke nor Kento in the scene. Worse, there’s no Orion to aid and help her.

mr photographer

If I had to guess, I think this girl will be in a relationship with ALL the guys in the story. Since this is an otome game, there’s a possibility. The OP and ED prove it as well. But how? Well, from this episode, I think that after Shin everything will change again and she will find herself in a relationship with other guy. Ikki, Kento, Toma and maybe the green haired photographer who’s up to no good.

eureka and shin

Well, who knows? Anyway, it seems like Orion will be back next episode. Let’s all welcome him back, cause without him, everything goes monotonous in this anime.

6 stars

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