Kotoura-san Episode 3 – The Bento Says It All



The ESP Society went to a karaoke to form a stronger bonds among its member. On their way home, Yuriko urged Kotoura to tell Manabe about her feelings. But when she found an opportunity to confess, she was interrupted by Manabe’s perverted thoughts. Seeing them being more close than ever, Moritani couldn’t help but to feel distressed. So she asked some members of her dojo to hurt Manabe, an action she regretted in the end. When Kotoura learned about it, she rushed to the hospital and relief rushed through her when she saw that he was okay. Thinking that people around her always end up unhappy, she decided to disappear.


Kotoura is starting to enjoy her life. From the previous hardships she had faced, being shunned by the society because of her unnatural skill, she’s now doing her best to get back on her feet. After meeting Manabe, she gained friends and experienced a lot of new things.

She's tone deaf. Another cute point!!!!

She’s tone deaf. Another cute point!!!!

What if the reason for the changes around and within her is hurt because of her?

Because of her mind reading skill, she had hurt (unconsciously) many people around her. Her mother, her father, her friends and etc. Seeing Manabe hurt because of her (though that Moritani bitch is the one to be blamed) she can’t help but blame herself. She thought that everyone around her always end up unhappy. So now that Manabe is okay, she thinks that she needs to leave so that he will not be hurt again.


Now. Seeing how so many anime deal with this same kind of situation, I already knew what to expect. I must say, I don’t like where Kotoura-san is going. Don’t get me wrong. I still like it but after the first episode, there’s nothing really unique about this anime. Take out the “mind reading” stuff and it will just be one of the ordinary romantic comedy (which is more of an melodrama as we can see these past few episodes) out there.

kotoura 2

Thankfully, we have a cute (very cute indeed) main character, Kotoura. She’s just so cute I wanna grab her out of my computer screen and eat her right here, right now. And oh, seems like Muroto and Yuriko is a future item of this show. Let’s see.


Anyway, Moritani continues to become a bitch in this episode. I know that she will end up one of the main (supporting) character in this show but seeing what she did to Manabe? Hmmm… At least she didn’t ordered those losers to lay a hand on Kotoura or else.

8 stars

2 thoughts on “Kotoura-san Episode 3 – The Bento Says It All

  1. Without the Mind reading stuff, there will be no plot to this show to begin with. Everything about this show, from plot development to characterization all rests on the fundamental premise that our Main Character, Koutaru, can read minds. I think it’s a sign of a well knitted plot when you can’t separate that fundamental premise from almost every piece of the plot.

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