Amnesia Episode 4 – From Childhood Friends to Lovers

Shin's rape face

Shin’s rape face


Shin walked our heroine home and asked what he really is to her. He said that he don’t want to go back to being just childhood friends. At her work, they decided to have their own fireworks party. Our heroine invited Shin but he declined. Eventually, he came at the party and enlightened her about the accident. He told her that he became too forceful which led to her running away and falling off the cliff. Then he proceeded on telling her how she saved him in the past. On their way home, a truck hit her and when she woke up, it’s August 1st again.


It is really difficult to “change” your relationship from being close friends, in this case childhood friends, into being lovers. At first, you will be scared that confessing will end your current relationship and if you succeed, the question of whether she sees you as a lover or just a “close friend” arises. It’s not that easy, as I’ve said, for the one who confessed first.

shin and eureka

As we can see in this episode, Shin felt insecure of his relationship with our heroine. Just when he was able put their relationship to another level, this amnesia thing occured. It’s really hard for Shin to accept it, but he got no choice. Because of this insecurity he became too forceful that eventually lead to our heroine’s accident (That’s quite different from what we saw in episode 2).

According to him, she saved him from the judgmental eyes of the society after his dad was branded as a murderer. She gave him hope during the times that he needed it the most. She never gave up on him, so he would also never give up on her.

shin and eureka (2)

Our heroine was starting to treasure all the memories she’s having with everyone. For her sake, and for Shin’s. She’s starting to feel contented for what’s happening now. I even feel like she’s forgetting about Orion. However, someone won’t let it happen.

Oh my~

Oh my~

At the moment she stepped on the road, I really knew that that marks the end of Shin’s route. I knew that she will be in another accident and she’ll wake up on August 1st again. Quite predictable. If my theory about her being with the other guys are correct (as we have seen at the last part of this episode), that’s not the last accident she will experience. Poor girl.


If everything is going back from scratch every time she’s with another guy, then I don’t really know if what she’s experiencing with all the guys is really part of her “true” memory. During the first two episodes, she kept on remembering stuffs, like when she’s talking to Shin and he confessed that he killed a man. So now that she’s on Ikki’s route, let’s discover the promise she had with those flirty girls.

6 stars

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