Kotoura-san Episode 4 – Birds of the Same Feather


The Perverts


Manabe has been acting weird ever since Kotoura disappeared. Yuriko dragged him to the clubroom and said that they already located Kotoura’s whereabouts. So the ESP Society went on a fieldwork to hunt her down. With nowhere to stay for the night, they went to a temple where they met the head priest. Luckily, the head priest knew Kotoura and guided them to her house. They tried to convince Kotoura to go back to school, but she refused. Outside her house, they met Moritani. She apologized to her and made Kotoura’s decision to change.


Last episode (I can’t say last week coz this post is super ultra mega late), Kotoura blamed herself for what happened to Manabe-kun and decided to disappear without leaving a trace. Well, that’s not the case because Muroto-kun tracked her location (Hacking stations’ cameras is a cool thing, right?).

kotoura and grandpa

She went back to her hometown to live temporarily with her grandfather. Her grandfather is a super rich old man who owns a huge mansion on the mountains. He’s a lot more perverted than Manabe and enjoys the pleasure of his granddaughter’s butt and thighs. Creepy. Poor Kotoura, can’t say “no” to her only guardian.

the two

Manabe was starting to give up his search for Kotoura. He has no clue where to find her. Her apartment was bare, his calls were not answered and the teachers didn’t have the slightest idea where Kotoura is. He felt like there’s nothing left. Thanks to Muroto and Mifune, they made him realize that there’s still something, which Kotoura left behind. And like he said, that calls some spanking.

esp society

They went to her hometown and  fortunately, for them, they immediately met someone who knew Kotoura. They learned bits of her sufferings from the head priests. They went to her home and met with her grandfather.

Kotoura can’t bring herself to face them so they went and played hide and seek. After hearing Manabe’s thought about wanting to stay with her, she decided to come out, until she heard his thought about the spanking. They caught her and made her explain what she did. However, after apologizing she still doesn’t want to go back with everyone.

What can stop the heroine’s tragic act? Of course, our idiot Manabe-kun.

moritani and kotoura

Okay, now, the drama is so over-the-top. Moritani went to apologize to Kotoura, which she immediately accepted. What a surprise *yawn*. At least there’s Manabe-kun who didn’t accept the apology easily. She’s far too lenient to those who did some faults to her, who hurt her beloved Manabe-kun. Hmmm…. Maybe she just knew the sincerity in our bitch Moritani’s words.

Anyway, I don’t know where this anime is going (except for more perverted Manabe and friendship acts) or that I don’t bother to know. Let it unfold right before my eyes.

6 stars

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