Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 5 – What’s Victory?

...and they're all defeated by a giant squid

…and they’re all defeated by a giant squid


The Holy Capital and the church decided to retake the Bright Island, the only island taken by the demons. They sent a massive fleet of ships to attack the island but were defeated and caused the death of the Winter King. The Winter Prince decided to occupy the vacant position and started preparing a second attack on the island, with Onna Kishi as the commander. Gone for a year, Yuusha visited Maou and they danced to the music of the New Years Festival.


A total waste of resources. Sending out that many ships, with many soldiers, to an unknown territory of the demons was a very dumb plan. Just like what the White Prince said and it did come true, they lost the war wherein they could’ve easily won if they have thought of a proper plan. Now, he’s planning of another way to retake the island. He knew Maou, as the “Crimson Scholar” so maybe he’ll get a little help from her.

demon slaveWe  get to know what Yuusha has been doing the whole time he’s apart to Maou. While Maou’s trying to do something about the war in the Bright Light Island, he’s trying to take over Gate City, a demon territory now occupied by human warriors. The demon survivors were being oppressed and used as slaves. This made him realize just how some humans, and even some demons, viewed “victory”.

“Winning doesn’t make you right and it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.”

maou and onna kishi

Chosen as the new commander of the new White King, Onna Kishi bids farewell to Maou. Feeling guilty that she’s betraying her, Maou decided to tell her the truth about herself. Yuusha told Onna Kishi beforehand about Maou’s identity. So Maou’s confession did not surprise her (too bad).

TRUST. That’s it. Another kind of “bond” that she and Yuusha shared. And she treasured it. Maybe they’re not together as she wanted it to be but at least she shared a certain bond with him. And now, she’s forming a new one with Maou.

onna kishi

This quote of Onna Kishi made a great impact to me:

“Your sin is lying, or do you think that being the Demon King is a sin?”

People should be judged for what his/her actions. Not for who/what he/she is. It’s NOT Maou’s fault being born (well, I dunno if she was born one) as the Demon King. Some will judge her just because, well, she’s a demon. But look at all she has done. She’s aiming for a greater peace. More than some of the humans. She’s helping everyone, demons or humans, to benefit from her goals. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Why wont you kiss!!!

Why wont you kiss!!!

While both were trying to make both ends meet, Maou and Yuusha were starting to doubt their will and capabilities. And that calls for a recharge. Yuusha visited Maou, after one year of being apart. Their little fight was so cute and their dance was sweet. After being with each other even for the shortest of meeting, they’re will recovered and both were ready to do their best to reach their ultimate goal – peace.

6 stars

2 thoughts on “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 5 – What’s Victory?

    • ……. because Yuusha is a VIRGIN! 😀 That was so close right? I was like going to put my arms inside the screen and push their heads towards each other and then let them KISS! Hoho.

      And yeah, they better kiss sooner, if not then at the end of this anime 🙂

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