Kotoura-san Episode 5 & 6 – Sleepover and Summer Vacation



Kotoura returned to school and was warmly welcomed by Moritani, much to her classmates’ surprise. Moritani joined the ESP Society through her “Moritani Fighting Style”. They all went and held a sleepover party in Kotoura’s new apartment. The next day, Kotoura was chosen to participate in a relay game for the sports festival. Although she trained so hard for the event, her other “ability” prevailed – being a klutz.

Kotoura invited the ESP Society to spend the summer vacation at her hometown. They were escorted by a limousine to an abandoned building, which turns out to be an amusement park – HarukaLand. The next day, they went to Haruka’s private beach and the ladies got a chance to show off their new swimsuits. Kotoura was being shy about her chest so she kept her distance to Manabe, much to his disappointment. Later on, she was caught by the current and was saved by Manabe. They end the night with fireworks and Kotoura thanked them all for coming. Little did she know that her mother was watching her from a distance…  


Kotoura is getting back to her feet again. No more bitches to stop her in experiencing what a normal high school girl’s life is. Well, for now. She gained another friend, who was previously the one who made her life miserable *calls for Moritani*.


whut wus thut?

She had her first sleepover party with her friends. She participated in a sports event and was cheered on by her classmates. She had her most enjoyable summer vacation with the ESP Society. All thing’s going well for her.

However, the appearance of her mother in the late part of the episode is not a good sign. Kotoura, you must enjoy as much as you can because I sense another storm in you life. Bwahahahaha.

look at her face... *scary*

look at her face… *scary*

Anyway, I would like to point out how freaking rich Kotoura’s family is! Being escorted by a limousine was forgivable. Having a super huge house was still understandable. Owning a private beach was, ummm, okay. But building a theme park just because your granddaughter is bringing her friend over is just so over-the-top!

WOW. Just WOW.

WOW. Just WOW.

The comedy was a little bit better these past two episodes. It came of naturally with their personalities playing off each other. No more overly dramatic acts which was good. The interactions among the characters were relaxing to watch, though Moritani’s sudden change of heart is so unnatural. Yeah, she accepted Kotoura as a friend and such but she should feel at least a bit of jealousy over Manabe now that they’re interacting under the same club. I just wished she weren’t the bitch who did all those stuffs in the previous episodes because I’m starting to like her. I just love how everyone picks on her.

test of ability

Mori! Mori! Mori!

Manabe’s perverseness is starting to get in the way of the story. Well, it is still essential but lately it’s been overly done. Its comedic effect is starting to wear off and I’m afraid I’m not seeing it as funny as it used to be.

And is it just me or Manabe and Kotoura’s romance is a little bit cheesy? Hmmmm…. What’s wrong with me?

8 stars

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