First Impressions – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

hair fetish

hair fetish


Haimura Kiri is a seemingly ordinary boy with one slight problem: he is obsessed with cutting other people’s hair. One day he meets Mushiyanokouji Iwai, the “Hair Queen” who cannot cut her hair because of an inherited curse. Kiri finds out that his scissor, “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge” is the only thing that can cut them. But little did he know that their meeting sparked the start of an old murder game to kill the “Hair Queen” using the cursed killing tools, the “Killing Goods.” Can Kiri protect Iwai from the Killing Goods Owners? Let the game begin! (Source: MU)


Japanese are really creative eh? Really. An anime about cutting of hair? However, the first episode has an overly dramatic atmosphere that I can’t help but to raise an eyebrow to all of its corny scenes. MEH. The characters actions are irrational and I can’t even pity the girl even though so much drama has been established. The music was beautiful but seems to be out of place. I really don’t know what’s this show’s going to do. Upon reading the synopsis, there’s seems to be more about this anime than this.

And look at the picture above. That scene really looks like they’re having an orgasm or something.


I might watch another episode, just to be sure that it really sucks.

2 thoughts on “First Impressions – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

  1. Oh man did it suck. I’m just hoping that the preview for next week’s ep holds true, and we’re gonna see done action and gore. That might just be enough to keep my interest after that abysmal first episode.

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