Spring 2013 Blog Update


Oh Spring! How I wish we had Spring here in our Tropical country. We are currently enjoying the heat of our early Summer. Lots of people are having outings everywhere and here I am, locking myself inside my room. Oh well.

Anyway, Spring Season shows already started airing and a lot of people are excited about these new shows, hoping that maybe a gem or two will emerge. So now, what are my plans and what can you expect in this blog during this season?

Since classes are already over and we have 2 months break, I’ll be much more active.  However, I decided to invest my time finishing my anime backlog. I’ve been hesitant to marathon some shows because I feel the pressure to make a review about them. But I remembered that I should not push myself or else my backlog would only increase. Also, I found myself a summer job so less time than usual.

With that, this season I’m only going to cover two shows for my episodic analyses. One is  Karneval, my most anticipated show this season and my own guilty pleasure. I still can’t decide about the other one. It’s either Devil Survivor 2 The Animation or Hataraku Maou-Sama. Let’s see.

Anyway, I also updated my about page and created a contact page for you to get in touch with me. And as you’ve already noticed, I changed the way my site looks and I’m pretty much satisfied with it now (I spent 3 hours in editing and stuffs). Won’t be changing it anytime soon.

So that’s it. I hope all things will go well and that Spring 2013 will be an awesome anime season for us.


6 thoughts on “Spring 2013 Blog Update

    • I really need that luck. Currently, I have 25 shows to finish and, heck, I’m still downloading some series. We still have this Spring lineup! xD

      Anyway, thanks man! 🙂

  1. Forget Spring, I want Winter. You live in a fairly colder place than me, who lives near the f*cking beach. I often feel like a wilted flower because of the heat.
    LOL, spring lineup. I’m still in Fall. 🙂

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