Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 2 – The Hero and The Demon King are Moe

... definitely moe <3

… definitely moe ❤


Hero Emilia (Yusa Emi) confronted Maou Sadao in a battle, in the middle of the street, with her 100-yen knife. They were taken to the police, who assumed that it was just a lover’s quarrel. Yusa visited Maou in his apartment and started to stalk him the next day onwards. After finding out that Maou’s not doing any mischief, she gave up and asked Maou to live permanently in this world, leaving Ente Isla in their hands. Then, they were both attacked by a magic sniper and both of them escaped. Losing her wallet as they flee, Yusa had no choice but to spend the night in Maou’s apartment. That night, Maou received a text from an unknown number and Chi-chan, both about the forthcoming earthquake.


Yet another entertaining episode this week!

We already have a Demon King working earnestly as a part timer in McDonalds. Now we have a Hero working as a contract center agent. Both of them seem to have adjusted in the modern Tokyo eh? That itself is really fun to watch.

Again, the humor didn’t affect me that much. But it did make me laugh (unlike the first episode) with the McDonald scene. Unquestionably, the comedy DO works. Small things like when Alsiel (I just want to mention him just once) locked the door and we heard Yusa’s cry from the other side of the door is really fun.

Maou Sadao


maou sadao


maou sadao


Maou Sadao


… these facial expressions, I love them!

Anyway, I thought this would be end up as your usual rom-com. But, as we have seen, we can expect some battle spices in the next few episodes. Judging from the first episode’s short fight scenes, it would be worth the watch. The plot is also moving somewhere alongside the romcom hijinks.

Yusa Emi and Maou sadao

Their roles in Ente Isla made them adversaries of some sort. Now that both of them are trapped in a world where magic and sword don’t work, we can look forward to a temporary truce. Not that they can do anything about it. Not to mention, there’s this mysterious magic sniper aiming to kill both of them. They need to work together to find a way out of this world. Their relationship started to create a great turn as their situation forced them to be companions. They certainly have this appeal and I think everyone’s loving it right now.

So who’s the one who wanted to kill both the Demon King and the Hero? Well, I think that it’s someone from the other side who wanted to protect his/their current positions while these two are gone. Most probably, it’s the Hero’s companions. I may be wrong though.

With the earthquake stuffs and Chi-chan, something must connect both of them to the mysterious sniper. Let’s see next episode.

7 stars

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