Karneval Episode 2 – Let’s Play Hide and Seek

who wants to play with me?

who wants to play with me?


Nai wandered around the town while Gareki was shopping for foods. He learned that “Circus” is performing in town and while he’s watching the parade, a guy chased him. He met up with Gareki and both of them tried to escape but their pursuers caught them. They were rescued by Yogi and brought inside the Circus Ship where Hirato interrogated them. Gareki tried to escape the ship but was stopped by Yogi and Tsukumo. Along with Nai, the four of them played hide and seek. Nai accidentally got out of the ship and was attacked by Varugas. Yogi, Tsukomo and Gareki came to the rescue but was easily overpowered by the enemies. Thankfully, the circus sheep saved the day.


My weekly dose of bishies.

The events kept rolling this week as we learned that a certain organization, which creates monsters called “Varuga”, are after Nai. They’re the ones who created the creepy woman, Mine, during the first episode. Their help was sought by the CEO, whom the Circus rescued in the train jacking. We still don’t know what his intentions are but it seems like he’s keeping Karakul, the guy Nai is looking for, in his mansion.

the circus ship

the circus ship

We also learned that the National Defence Organization “Circus” is in charged of eliminating crimes in the world, specializing in pursuing special crimes. They became interested in both Nai and Gareki. Though the Second Ship Captain Hirato denied that he knew this man called Karoku, I think he’s somewhat lying. Well, he may have a good reason for doing so.

behold the beauty of Tsukomo

behold the beauty of Tsukomo

Anyway, they also play their part as a circus performer and that scene was really flashy.

cute, isn't he?

cute, isn’t he?

We are also introduced to the childish Yogi, the Second Ship fighter of Circus. He’s so adorable and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people are fangirling to him right now. His VA is doing a very fine job. Definitely the highlight of this episode.

Nai is more useless than the circus sheep. That scene where he threw a rock was really, really lame. Though some people dislike this show because of his personality, I think there’s also a reason for him being like that. I find him very much adorable. He’s so like a cat or something. I also learned that his name, Nai, when translated in English means “not existing”. Hmmm….

our cute little nai <3

our cute little nai ❤

Anyway, that Circus ID is, without a doubt, the key for all the events so far. We don’t know its importance yet, but it will be revealed sooner or later.

Overall, a good and exciting episode. I still love the visuals and character designs. I’m looking forward to meet the rest of the casts.

7 stars

4 thoughts on “Karneval Episode 2 – Let’s Play Hide and Seek

  1. “He’s so adorable and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people are fangirling to him right now. His VA is doing a very fine job.” <- this. hahaha, I'm definitely one of those (well I just fangirl at every Miyano Mamoru character anyway :P)
    Anyway the appearance of Karoku at the CEO's mansion has got to be the most interesting part for me in here. That kind of made me more interested at what actually happened to him back then.

    • Yeah and also I’ve heard there will be a revelation of some sort about Nai. He’s getting a lot of hate because of his personality so I hope the show will explain a little bit about him.

      And as expected, Yogi’s introduction to the show created a lot of commotion in tumblr. 🙂

      • Poor Nai for getting the hate treatment. well yeah, background on Nai is pretty much expected since he’s practically the main character of the show along with Gareki.

        • Yeah, and they better hurry up. Because right now, the main characters are the weakest points of Karneval. The show focused more in world building sacrificing the character development. Anyway, they’re just following the manga…

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