Karneval Episode 3 – Nai Can’t Be This Cute!

Nai Cute


Nai was brought to the Second Ship Doctor after losing his consciousness from the previous battle. It was discovered that he’s not a human but an extremely rare anime called “Niji”. Hirato ordered them to bring him to Akari in the Research Tower for further analysis while he and Tsukumo attended the Round Table meeting. After the analysis, Nai, Gareki, Yogi and Akari went to investigate in Niji Forest where they were attacked by Varugas.


So cute!!!!!

nai and gareki

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niji Nai and Gareki

Wait! I must contain my emoti-

Niji Nai


Okay. We learned a lot of things from this episode though there are far more mysteries yet to be revealed. First is Nai’s identity. Yes, he is that cute little animal above! It was revealed that he belongs to an extremely rare (and cute) species called “Niji”. They can be found in the Niji Forest, which contains a very unique ecosystem. He was a Niji/human hybrid created by someone who can be considered a genius. This might explain his extremely docile and innocent personality.

He knows how to look sexy

He knows how to look sexy

Karoku can communicate with Nai, as we can see in this episode. He asked him why he’s not devoting himself looking for him. The question is, why does he need to be found? Is he some kind of a hostage or something? Anyway, he also told Nai that he is better off without Gareki and he should not drag him into this scary mess. Of course, Nai doesn’t want Gareki to get hurt so he did as he was told. However, this made Gareki angry. He then confronted Nai about it. After learning about Karoku’s communication with Nai, he became interested in meeting that person.

Nai don't cry.

Nai don’t cry.

oh please don't!

oh please don’t!



The organization, which creates these monsters called “Varuga”, was named. They’re the Kafka. They’re previously part of Circus, stole the “evolution research” and used it for their own good. It was also revealed that Nai’s bracelet was the previous Circus ID and the owner may be a part of Kafka. That’s why Hirato decided to take care of Nai. The owner of the bracelet is Karoku, and I think he’s the one who created Nai. If he’s that kind of a genius, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was targeted by the Kafka to create more Varuga. Or maybe, he’s originally a part of Kafka.


Acting all cute in that bishounen body? Not fair!

We also get the chance to see a glimpse of Gareki’s past in which we saw him crying over a woman’s dead body. He used to live in a filthy dump with dirty people and his views in life are pure of anger. But after meeting Nai, all he can see are pure things making him forget about his anger. Even though he denied that they’re friends, it is obvious in his actions that he’s concerned to Nai. Hmmmm….

The rivals, tehee

The rivals, tehee

He was then captured by the Varuga in the latter part of the episode. We all thought that maybe they’re after Nai and now I wonder why they became interested with him. Is it related to Nai’s dream? Is Karoku behind this one? Let’s see next episode.

Anyway, I love the OP and the ED of this show. Both are very catchy and memorable, and in fact, the ED might be my favorite of this season!

7 stars

2 thoughts on “Karneval Episode 3 – Nai Can’t Be This Cute!

    • The music is one of the strong points of Karneval in my opinion. The OP and the ED are both awesome. And I agree, Nai’s cuteness is so irresistible! Anyway, I also considered reading the manga but maybe after this show is over. I don’t want to spoil things.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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