Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 4 – The Great Demon General Lucifer

lucifer and chiho


Maou saved everyone from the debris of the collapsed mall caused by a huge earthquake. Seeing him so kind to the humanity, Yusa recalled her past. After spending the night in her friend’s apartment, she visited Maou the next morning to pay for her debt. She fell down the stairs and was helped by Maou and Ashiya. While Ashiya’s running an errand, Maou tried to help Yusa but it pissed her more and confronted him for his confusing actions as a demon. Chiho came to visit Maou, saw the two together and misunderstood the situation. Maou, Yusa and Ashiya chased her down but were confronted by the Great Demon General Lucifer.


“ Yosh! Let’s forget the comedy! We’re running out of it so we better move on with the plot and drama! Bwahahahaha. “

May I unleash the Dullahan?

May I unleash the Dullahan?

Well I feel like this is what the creators are thinking right now. It is a wise move from them because this show becomes a lot more interesting. This episode is not meant to be funny, that I know, but I can’t take it seriously either. All praise to Ashiya for keeping the comedy in this episode.

yusa's past

We learned more about Yusa Emi in this episode. She was raised by a (human) farmer in the West Island of Ente Isla and later discovered that her mother was an angel. At an early age, she was retrieved by the Church to train her of becoming a Hero. Her dedication for her fate was increased even more when General Lucifer’s army destroyed her hometown, which caused the death of her beloved father. From that point, she has lived her entire life for one purpose – to kill the Demon Lord.


However, after meeting Maou in this world, nothing makes sense to her anymore. He took everything away from her – her father, her homeland, her childhood. She envisioned him as the most evil demon that would laugh and be joyous for other people’s sufferings and grief. But after witnessing him saving so many lives from the earthquake, living a humble life, working earnestly for his living, damn, she’s so confused. He’s capable of being so kind, so why hadn’t he done the same thing in Ente Isla? Why did he change? And what makes her, as a hero, with such a nice demon lord? All he managed to say is that he didn’t really understand people back then.

Well... sorry

Well… sorry

I hope we’ll get to know more about Maou’s backstory. He’s really kind, but his role as a Demon Lord is making him look so bad. Yeah, he’s really responsible for what evil happened in Ente Isla even though, maybe, some of them were not his direct orders. Or maybe, he was influenced by those demons surrounding him.

he looks cool

he looks cool

Look at Lucifer. He’s far too different to Maou and we can say that he’s the true “evil” one. While Maou’s gone and weak, he took the opportunity to surpass him. He’s the one behind those attacks, and I admit that I’m wrong thinking that Yusa’s companions are behind them. Shame on me!

another cutie!

another cutie!

Anyway, both Yusa and Maou are facing the same enemy so expect collaboration between these two. Also, two more characters from Ente Isla are on the way. They can be a lot of help in the upcoming fight, or maybe they can add up to the humour in this show.

Oh! I almost forgot about Miki-T! She knew so many things about them so maybe she’s from the same world. But… who is she? An ally or an adversary?

All in all, a good episode. This show is getting more and more interesting but I hope they won’t drop the comedy because that’s what I love about Maou-sama!

7 stars

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