Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 5 – Time to kick some ass!

hataraku maou-sama! - 10


The supposedly dead Lucifer, aided by the High Priest Orba Meier, shows himself to Yusa, Maou and Alsiel. They intend to kill Yusa and Maou as an agreement to their contract. Lucifer nearly kills Alsiel and injures Maou, thanks to the power he gained from Chiho’s sadness and despair. Maou teleports them to the crowded area and is shot dead by Lucifer’s attack. But he manages to draw enough power from the crowd and transforms into his true self. Yusa summons her sacred power and fights Lucifer and Orba alongside the revived Alsiel. Maou joins the fray and defeats their opponents. Yusa’s comrades, Emerada and Roland arrive, confused about Maou, and then depart after Yusa explained the situation. Maou uses most of his power to rebuild the city and decides to stay in the human world a little bit longer.


This is a friggin’ awesome and funny episode! It is action packed and the comedy and drama are blended so well. This marks the end of this arc, and probably of the first LN, so we got to know the answers about the events that happened in the previous episodes.

My theory about Yusa’s comrades betraying her is not farfetched as I assumed last week. Orba Meier, the one who followed Yusa in the gate, revived Lucifer and made a contract with him. He said that Lucifer could return to heaven once he killed both Maou and Yusa. Not a bad deal, is it? He’ll be able to get all the glory afterwards!

hataraku maou-sama! - 02

Rest well, Ashiya!

Now, Alsiel never fails to make me laugh! He’s the best character of this show in my own opinion. His dumb loyalty to Maou is so funny. While his master and Orba are arguing, he interfered about Maou wasting his money in watching movies! I thought he’ll say something worthwhile but instead he scolds Maou! Poor him. He never got to enjoy himself to save some money but his master is not that concern about it. Oh well. And after being shot by Lucifer, he still advises Maou to take advantage of the discounts! NICE ONE Alsiel!

hataraku maou-sama! - 12

Maou’s equally as funny as well. Interrupting Orba’s evil grand speech and telling him that he doesn’t even hear those lines in B-rated movies! That monologue will not work on our genre savvy Demon Lord, you friggin bald villain!



The fight scenes are awesome! Not as flashy as the ones in the pilot episode but they’re still a nice treat to the eyes. I really love seeing Yusa and Alsiel kicking some ass! And when Maou joins the fray, fuck yeah! Those eyes, that threat, that speech – Awesome!

Anyway, the result of the battle….

hataraku maou-sama! - 01

We’ll get to see more of this kid next episode!

hataraku maou-sama! - 04

Now, Chiho. She watched them, she’s not that shocked… I see. And after some explanations, she easily accepted everything.

Also, seems like there’s a problem with the church in Ente Isla. Emerada and Albert are coming back to Ente Isla (they’re just introduced eh?) while Yusa decides to stay. I wonder why? Maou decides to stay in this world as well. He admited that he became attached to the humans (or should I say to McDonalds?). He even consumed most of his power rebuilding the city.

hataraku maou-sama! - 11

What’s so nice about this episode is that, the characters did not change. They’re still true to their personalities as evidenced by Yusa not accepting Maou’s help. Because, yeah, she’s a hero and he’s still her enemy. I wonder how long she’ll be able to think that way.

The opening sequence changed and I like this one better. It’s the official one right? By the way, Alsiel’s the one who washes Maou’s undies? Wootwoot.

He's a good waifu~

He is such a good waifu~

9 stars

2 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 5 – Time to kick some ass!

  1. and don’t forget that Maou’s also worrying about being late for work while he’s fighting Lucifer. He needs the perfect attendance to get a bonus. LOL
    based on the preview, looks like Lucifer will be a regular character probably being a part of the working class. or maybe he’ll be a neet ’cause he definitely looks like one :3

    • Yeah, he really loves his work! He won’t let anyone to hinder him from having a perfect attendance. Those who dare will face Maou-sama’s wrath! 😀

      Lucifer being a regular character will be a good news. I find him really interesting and I really want to see more of him.

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