Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 7 – Yusa’s Daily Dose of Sacred Power

sacred vitamin b


The new neighbour, Kamazuki Suzuno, helps in the Castle Overlord’s household chores while Ashiya is sick. Emerada Etouver sends Yusa some supplies of holy vitamin drinks as a source of sacred powers. Yusa stalks, again, the demons and finds a new girl in their apartment. She investigates what’s happening and accidentally falls from the stairs. She is invited inside and she warns Suzuno about Maou. During his break on his work, Chiho discovers that Maou brought a homemade bento from a girl, much to her despair. Meanwhile, Yusa is attacked by a masked stranger in the convenience store. They fight but Yusa’s attacks are nullified, thankfully, the clerk saves her from the mysterious attacker.


Even our ever loyal and dearest waifu Ashiya fall ill! Gosh, he looks like a corpse but that’s all right. Thankfully, Suzuno is there to help in their household chores or else the whole Castle Overlord will be a mess and they will die from hunger!

Don't die yet Ashiya!

Don’t die yet Ashiya!

Speaking of Suzuno, she is, without a doubt, the messenger from Ente Isla who is left with the decision whether or not to kill the Demon Lord and the Hero. We all know that she’ll end up being on their side, just like my dear Urushihara, but what’s her motives right now? I can’t read her. Normally, we can see their motives of betrayal right away but she seems so soft and innocent. That’s probably why I love her already.


Okay, there’s a high chance that she’ll end up as one of Maou’s harem. But as the show goes on, I don’t like to see him in a romantic relationship with any of them. I dunno, I just don’t picture him like that. Weird.


Anyway, Yusa’s job as a hero is not done yet. Now that she has a supply for her powers, she met someone who can nullify it. Am I the only one who suspects Maou’s manager as the new villain? I mean, violet eyes and all. I know, I know, Urushihara has violet eyes as well and somebody pointed out that the masked stranger is a guy. Anyway, it won’t hurt to guess.

yusa, suzuna, mao

Today’s lucky color is light blue!

I can’t comment anymore with the comedy because, it’s funny as always. And oh, I love seeing Maou on his boxers. He’s just so cute!

Let’s just see what my followers on twitter say:


Well, that’s a given. The manner in which they do their comedy is just awesome. It’s not being overplayed and they just deal with it, naturally.


Oh, last episode is one of the funniest episodes for me. Anyway, I agree that this show is somehow dragging its concept but at least for me, I’m still enjoying it. Unlike him: 😉

smarter child

I’ve heard that this is a filler episode. Correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, I’m still digging this show and I wish for Ashiya’s recovery.  He’s still the best for me.

7 stars

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