Karneval Episode 7 – The Circus Parade

tsukumo mermaid


Gareki has locked himself inside his room after what happened in Karasuna. Yogi invites him and Nai in the Circus parade to get his mind off that tragic event. Kiichi borrows Yogi to search for a bunny machine, so Gareki has to dress and act as Nyan-peru! Meanwhile, the malfunctioned bunny machine locks Tsukumo inside a large container full of water during one of her scenes with Jiki. Nai hears her silent screams with his super-sensitive ears and they run off to save her from the theater. They succeed in breaking the bottle off stage while Iva continues the play as the ex-girlfriend of the main character. Afterwards, Akari-sensei is heading towards his office when he meets Hirato and Tsukitachi.


I have mix emotions towards this week’s episode of Karneval. The show gives us a great refresher from last week’s sad and tragic atmosphere, for which I am glad. I’m happy that we got to see more of the Circus’ members. I already made a fuss about their lack of appearances in the show so it’s a relief to find almost all of them in this episode.

They have chemistry <3

They have chemistry ❤

Kiichi is still making a big deal about her and Yogi’s ranks, which is annoying. I get her point though; I have the same thoughts back then. Anyway, the cute and handsome Jiki also appears in this episode! He seems to have a romantic feeling towards Tsukumo, which is great! I’ll ship them. The badass Iva saves the day, again, with the help of our three caballeros – Yogi, Nai, and Gareki.

The best thing about this episode is – Tsukumo!

Hnnng,,,, wait

Hnnng,,,, wait

TSUKUMO IN MERMAID OUTFIT AND INSIDE A BIG BOTTLE FULL OF WATER? HNNNNNNNNG. Er- wait, she’s drowning. Anyway, she’s so sexy and gorgeous! Last week, I said that she has been left behind out of the four main characters when it comes to development. She’s been sharing less screen time with them, that’s why. Thankfully, we got to see some of her characteristics like being calm and analytic during the entire commotion. Although she has her “moments”, I want to learn more about her. I wonder if we’ll ever get the chance? Not only her, but also Yogi.

Iva being a badass!

Iva being a badass!

However, given this huge cast of amazing and interesting characters, with only 13 episodes, I doubt that the show will give them enough justice and developments. I know that the manga is still ongoing and I hope they won’t mess this one even more.

nai and gareki

they’re having fun, aren’t they?

Oh wait… Before I forgot… Nai and Gareki are so cute, holding hands and all. I see them more as brothers which is kinda weird for me. Nai is still trying to understand humans. He doesn’t have a clear understanding about the concept of “family” but his claim, though a little bit broad, is not farfetched. Gareki is lucky to have Nai and Yogi by his side. Thanks to them, he recovered, even just a bit.

Nice costume, Tsukumo

Nice costume, Tsukumo

The comedy is cute but, in my opinion, not that funny. I really wish for this show to go straight to the main plot. Yes, there’s tad bit of character developments but I mean, we are halfway there and we still don’t know much about what’s happening to Karoku and the old man Palnedos. Although I really love this kind of episode, I’m beginning to get tired of waiting for the main things to happen.

6 stars

8 thoughts on “Karneval Episode 7 – The Circus Parade

  1. For me, the highlight of this episode was definitely Tsukumo’s costume! Looks like Karneval’s back to its original zaniness. Honestly, I hope it stays like this for a bit since it looks like the main plot is too big to fit into the remaining episodes. I get the feeling we’re in for a rushed ending D:

    • looks like the main plot is too big to fit into the remaining episodes

      That’s why they should hurry up and deal with the main plot as early as possible so that it wouldn’t feel rushed. Well, I honestly like this kind of episode if only this anime is two cour. Yes, they can spend an episode or two like that. Anyway, thanks 🙂

  2. I really like this episode, mostly because it’s cute (coughGarekiwithhiscostumecough) but I think Tsukumo here is really nice! The other Circus members are also being showed more, I like that. But I wonder.. would the anime follow the manga? I mean, the plot is quite big, I guess?
    I’m glad they’re having fun though XD Oh! By the way, nice to meet you 😀

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