I Demand Another Season!

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It’s really sad to see an anime that we’ve enjoyed so much to end and it’s hard to say goodbye to those characters that have grown so much into our hearts. Some of them have a great and concrete ending that all that’s left for us to do is to accept that it ends. But most of the times, there are some shows that left you hanging with more stories to tell and more questions left unanswered. Of course, we’d want for them to continue – to have another season!

One of my friends asked me if there’s a possibility to have another season of FRUIT BASKET. I searched the net and discovered that it has been nine years since the first season and most of the seiyuu have already retired. I told her about it and said that there’s a very slim chance, not impossible because I’ll never know. That made her sad and depressed the whole day. I remembered the time when I had the very same reaction.

We all have shows that we want to have another season. I checked my MAL completed shows and made a list of the series that I want to continue.

Let’s get down to them right now. (In no particular order)


Natsume Yuujinchou

I feel really blessed that this show has the chance to have 4 seasons. It’s kinda rare to see a show that goes that long, well, except those long running shounen shows. Anyway, you’re all aware that this is my favorite show of all time so it’s not a surprise to see this show in this list. But I really think that this show deserves another season. There are just so many questions left hanging. We don’t have the chance to know more about Natsume Reiko, Takashi’s grandmother. Though she’s a vital character throughout the series, we know very little about her. Also, about Madara (nyanko-sensei) and the Matoba clan. There are just MORE stories to tell and more names to be returned.

The manga is still on going and I think that there’ll be enough material for another season. If all they need is time, then I’ll wait just let me know that there’s a chance! It’s just a show that’s really dear to me.


Kimi to Boku

I’m listing my favourites eh? Don’t worry; this list won’t be all about them. Kimi to Boku is a really good slice-of-life show. You’ll see some of my praises for this show here. Anyway, same with Natsume Yuujinchou, the manga is still ongoing. But unlike it, there’s no one translating it so those who want to continue the story by reading the manga (Non-Japanese) don’t have the chance to do so. It just show how underrated this anime is.

I want to know more about the Kaname, Shun, Chizuru, Yuuki and Yuta. I want to see their third year in high school. I want to observe how Mary and Chizuru’s relationship bloom. There’s so many “I want” that the only thing that can satisfy me is another season.



The story left me hanging and I think it’s the same for the lot of you. It’s a pretty good show although at first, I doubted if it‘d click to my taste. I love how the characters’ roles are intertwined with one another and the whole “Dollar” thing is such a click to me. The story is still ongoing and the anime only covered only a quarter of it (I think) so there’s more to know and more characters to love.

I believe that Durarara did very well with its sales so I dunno why there’s still no announcement about its second season. Anyway, I am optimistic for this one.


sword art online

Believe me, I really enjoyed this show. Er- at least the first arc. The first time I watched this show, I’m into the hype.  But when I rewatched it, I realized that what I really like is only the concept. It’s just that the concept caters to the likes of me who loves MMORPG. Being trapped in a game, beating mobs, trading, buying equipments, crafting and etc.

Anyway, if ever they’ll make another season I’m hoping that I’ll be able to see those game elements that I loved during the SAO arc.



Working!! is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched. There isn’t much of a story. It’s just all about the interactions of our awesome and amazing casts in the family restaurant called Wagnaria. It’s the clash of their unique personalities that made this show so entertaining. The visuals are superb and are very much pleasing to the eyes. There’s no more big stories tell, but I want to continue watching these amazing people interact with one another and have my dose of laughter.


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 2

This show has an amazing casts. Too bad, the show wasted an entire season. But I can see the potential if ever Tonari gets another season. It’s a fun watch after all.

There you have it! Most of the shows in my completed list have great endings and I think that there’s no need for them to have another season. Some of them is just impossible because there’s no more source materials to adapt (Unless they’ll pull an original and end up a mess like Kuroshitsuji II). Others, I just don’t care. Luckily, some shows second seasons are already announced like Magi, K and Kuroko no Basuke so they didn’t end up in here.

This list will definitely expand as I continue watching more shows. I’ll probably write a part 2 of this post in the future.

How about you? What are the shows that you want to have another season? Feel free to comment below!

18 thoughts on “I Demand Another Season!

  1. another season for both kimi to boku and natsume yuujinchou is a must….

    there’s so much more that we don’t know about reiko and how madara is tied with her. he clearly knew her. and there are still many names to return. plus the matoba clan. there’s something evil brewing with the introduction of the clan’s head exorcist in the latest season.

    with regards to kimi to boku… well, i just love these boys. i can’t wait to see another season of them. and i want to know if chizuru will get to be with mary… oh high school life and first loves ♥

    • We clearly agree with one another. I love to see a fellow Natsume Yuujinchou and Kimi to Boku fan. We should create a fans club! xD

      Any other shows you want to have another season?

      • kamisama hajimemashita. that one i need to see more… i would love to see more of tomoe. and i think that nanami is the incarnation of the girl from tomoe’s past.

        hyouka. this anime is so simple but so refreshing. i love houtarou’s motto: “I don’t do anything I don’t have to. What I have to do, I do quickly.” hehehe! what a lazy, practical kiddo xP

        and lastly chihayafuru. i know that season 2 isn’t over yet. but i hope there would be season 3 and that it won’t take long before it airs.

        • I also want another season of Hyouka. However, there’s no more source material to adapt for another season (if I’m not mistaken). Like I said, it’d be a little bit impossible unless they’re going to pull an “original”. I think it’s fine but with my experience about “original” seasons, it’s not that good. Well, I can’t say with KyoAni.

          I forgot to add Kamisama Hajimemashita on this list, I’ll add it in the future. I haven’t watched Chihayafuru yet, but I’m planning to one of these days. 🙂

  2. For me, the worst case of missing second season is Umineko no naku koro ni. The first and only season piles riddles upon riddles across 26 episodes. The developments are so outrageously bizarre and original that you can’t help but be drawn in, seeking the heart at the center of the mix of mystery and fantasy. At the end, at the climax, just when you believe all the answers will be finally revealed, you are handed a piece of paper that says, you’ve learned nothing, and everything you thought you knew is wrong. See you again, have a nice day! Except you won’t see them again, there is no season two and there won’t ever be. Thank goodness that drove me to read the original sound novel rather than turning me off to it. After reading it, I agree with most Umineko fans that it was a good decision not to make the second season. In fact, if it is ever picked up again by a different studio, they should first remake the first season before tackling the second. The anime adaptation truly doesn’t do justice to the games.

    • See you again, have a nice day! Except you won’t see them again, there is no season two and there won’t ever be.

      This will definitely piss me off.

      I’ve heard of this show from one of my friends but I still haven’t watched this one. She doesn’t know anything about the source material yet she poured compliments to this show. But reading how you describe it, it seems like there’s a problem with the adaptation that made a second season impossible? Anyway, it’s good that instead of you being turned off of what happened, you still desired of continuing the sound novel. One day, I’ll pick up this show.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • To be fair, the final part of the sound novels was released a year after the anime, so it was impossible to make the second season right away since the source material was not yet finished. But that was at the end of 2010, two-and-a-half years ago. People blame Studio DEEN for making a terrible adaptation, but looking back I believe it was an honest effort on their part, besides the abundance of ridiculously distorted faces. The same director and studio adapted Higurashi no naku koro ni into an anime, yet Higurashi was rather well-accepted and brought in quite a following with its complete two seasons plus more, despite the same propensity for distorted faces and low quality animation. The concept behind Umineko is really out there: take Higurashi and make it even more meta. Basically, adapting Umineko into an anime is an unforgiving and difficult, if not absurd, task.

  3. Yes to Kimi to Boku && DRRR!!.
    I’d also want to see what’s going to happen between Chizuru and Mary and their 3rd year life. But probably in general I’d just want to see more of their everyday life. As for DRRR!, I really dont understand why the heck they”re not planning a 2nd season. it’s a really popular series, the final ep was great but it still left a lot of questions and I read somewhere that there’s enough material for a 2nd season.
    as for Natsume, I’ll go watch S4 soon and see how things will go for me(:

    • From what I’ve heard, the anime (DRRR!) only covers 3 or 4 out of 12 light novels. So there are definitely enough materials for another season. The show is really popular and successful (IMO) so I dunno why either but as I’ve said, I’m still optimistic that they’ll continue the series.

      As for Kimi to Boku, watching their everyday lives makes me jealous of them but in a good way. That’s probably why I treasure that show.

      Anyway, go and finish Natsume Yuujinchou Shi! The last episode is so…..ugh!

  4. Sasameki Koto.
    Aoi Hana
    Panty and Stocking

    These shows are on the top of my head. I’ll probably think up more later and make my own list.

    Kimi to Boku and Working are indeed awesome! I have not seen the other shows but Natsume Yujinchou is definitely on my backlog list since it’s SoL and all. I should probably check out the other shows someday.

  5. Another season of Sato (and the rest of the Working cast, I guess) would be amazing.

    As for shows I want more of, Kino’s Journey and Mushishi are at the top of the list, since they’re my two favorites and there’s more than enough source material for both. Which reminds me, actually, that there have been some rumors of a season two of Mushishi circulating in the dark corners of the internet. . .I’ll have to keep my ears open for that.

    • Yeah. I’ve heard that both shows are amazing. I’ve never read something bad about those shows so even though I haven’t watched them yet (Kino’s Journey is still sitting idly on my hard drive) I suppose that they deserve another season. As for Mushishi, I’m planning of downloading it once I have a stable internet connection 🙂

      And of course, your icon is one of the main characters of Working!! (my favorite) so I guess you’re one of those who’ll be happy if we got a third season.

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