Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 8 – Introducing James of Team Rocket!

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Chiho and Emi find Suzuno doing the household chores when they visit the Castle Overlord to bring some foods. Maou offers Suzuno to work at MgRonalds when she brings up her desire to work during their lunch. On her way home, Chiho confesses her feelings to Maou and runs off after Suzuno overhears the whole thing. Suzuno meets up with Emi to buy some clothes and reveals her identity as the Chief Interrogator of Church’s Investigation Commission Christie Bell. Meanwhile, Maou sends Ashiya to a mission in the newly opened SFC, the one stealing MgRonald’s customers.


This episode is quite busy but it mainly focuses on three things – Chiho’s confession, Suzuno’s revelation and the heated competition between MgRonalds and Sentucky Fried Chicken.

Chiho’s confession came as a surprise to me, as well as Maou’s reactions. Surprise in the sense that it’s not like those dramatic confessions we see in other shows. She admitted that she has a rough idea on who Maou was in Ente Isla but she still said that she likes Maou. I really understand her. I mean, she accepts Maou as who he is right now, no matter what constitutes his past. She saw all the good in him. We all saw it as well right? He’s not bad but his role in Ente Isla marked him as one. Emi warned Chiho about this matter but we all know that even she knows well right now that Maou’s a good person demon, er- whatever.

he's cute, isn't he?

he’s cute, isn’t he?

Anyway, I said last week that I don’t want this to turn in the romance route because I just don’t see Maou in it. But seeing his reactions, I think it’ll work just fine. He even played the clichéd oblivious guy in this show! Inviting Suzuno to work with Chiho… oh boy!



Speaking of Suzuno, the reveal of her identity to Emi is just so funny. Calling her self pure? Anyway, she has a lot of hilarious moments in this episode, which is why I love her even more. Probably more than Emi. Sorry Yusa, but she stole the limelight! My favorite part is when she mimics Emi in the Moonbucks and spilled her sugar.

I was like her when I was a child

I was like her when I was a child

We all have different views on what’s funny. This show played the humour in a straight and simple manner. It’s not overly done which manages to steal some laughs from me. I even rewatched this episode but I still find some moments so funny (Especially the Moonbucks scene – Ooops I said it again).

So where’s James of Team Rocket based from your title Shiizumi-kun? Okay, here he is…

Where's Jesse?

Where’s Jesse?

No really. He’s Sentucky Fried Chicken’s manager Mitsuki. But he really resembles James, doesn’t he? Anyway, I do think that he is the one behind the convenience store attack. He wore sunglasses and was reeking of cologne that might hide the paintball’s mark and scent.

So by the way, here’s an obligatory Urushihara mention! He’s being ignored! They’re being cold towards my baby! I hope that he’ll have more moments like Ashiya,who will investigate the SFC.  Overall, a great episode.

8 stars

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