Karneval Episode 8 – Silver Yogi

silver yogi 4


Second Ship Captain Hirato sends Yogi, Nai, Gareki and Tsukomo to Rinoll, the ice crystal town, to check up some evidences left in the vacation house used by Kafka. A warm snowman named Yukkin that is invented in the Research Tower accompanies them. On their way back to their service, they notice that Yukkin is missing. They search for him and Yogi, Gareki and Nai investigate a manmade hole that leads to an underground room of the vacation house. Kagiri and Kiharu, who caught Yukkin, attacks Tsukumo. Yogi and Gareki come to the rescue and Tsukumo brings Nai to a safer area. While fighting their enemies, Yogi’s allergy patch comes off and his split personality is awakened.


To be honest, I’m having a really hard time blogging this show and it says something. I really have high expectation from this show because I heard that the manga is really good. But probably, the later part is much better. Since, well, the manga is taking its precious time developing the characters, building its fantasy world and etc so I feel like the adaptation is really really slow. Slow in the sense that we are in episode 8 yet we are still not dealing with the “big” thing and the only character that has been develop so far is Gareki. With only 5 episodes left, I wonder how’ll they pack and conclude this show. Will this show say goodbye like the other shows, which have so many loose ends and never come back?

Thankfully, I have a “fanboy” inside of me that enjoys the sight of these beautiful men and women.



Our child-like Yogi transforms into this badass Silver Yogi when his allergy patch comes off. His maniac scream is really creepy but I think I’ll enjoy seeing him kicking some ass! I so love characters with split personalities, they just look so cool! Sometimes I wish that I also had a cooler version of me LOL.

Okay so I read some spoilers (don’t worry, I’m not going to share it here) and I find Yogi’s background very interesting. It explains a LOT of his personality and why Silver Yogi exists. I just hope that they’ll tackle it within this cour. Oh god please Karneval hurry up!


nice mansion

I feel bad for him because he cares so much for his uke friend, yet Gareki refuses to call him as one. Well, I think he doesn’t mean it and it’s only part of his personality. But Yogi takes it seriously and can’t concentrate to the fight because of it. He still blames himself for not saving Yotaka. Anyway, I’ll commend Gareki’s calm demeanor during the fight. He knows he’s not as strong as the Circus’ fighters but no one can beat him when he has a gun. He’s no longer useless.

Nai is still in the background, doing cute things.

Gareki holding Nai niji

Gareki loves his pet

nai and gareki

He really does

Our beautiful Tsukumo shared some moments in this episode but was immediately thrown into the background. I really want to see her fight but let’s give the spotlight to Silver Yogi first.


Go Tsukumo!

I wonder what is that moving box that they saw in the underground room. Some kind of evidence? Let’s see next week.

What can you say about this episode?

7 stars

5 thoughts on “Karneval Episode 8 – Silver Yogi

  1. If “Silver Yogi” still gets his ass kicked, his transformation will be pointless and disappointing. If he wipes the floor with the two bandits and then turns on his friends, it’ll be horribly cliche. If that happens and Gareki brings him back to normal through an emotional acknowledgment of their friendship (Fujoshi-Vision: consummation of their love), I’ll pause the video and snicker for a moment, then dedicate a night to browsing yogiXgareki fanart.

    I’m miffed at Tsukumo being sidelined again. She’s potentially my favorite action girl this season, even over Yusa Emi and Mikasa Ackerman, yet she’s getting put into helpless/unhelpful roles, first being rescued from the water tank, then being taken out of the fight to do the oh-so-important job of protecting helpless pet-boy Nai. Sure, we know that she was only holding back from breaking out herself so she wouldn’t harm the audience, and that she was holding her own against a Varuga unarmed and single-handedly, but that only rubs it in more, doesn’t it?

    I haven’t read the manga, but from looking at chapter titles, the current rate of about 2 chapters per episode will bring it to about halfway of where the manga is now. Given that and Karneval’s apparently decent popularity, I don’t see why a second season wouldn’t be in order.

    • I don’t think that Silver Yogi will get his ass kicked because like you said the transformation will be pointless. But I would love the last scenario and I will be doing the same thing as you 😉

      Last week, I’ve also pointed out how Tsukumo is being left behind by the other MCs in terms of development and screen time. That moment when I thought that she’d be showing us her true strength and powers, I got a little bit excited but it turns out that she has to protect Nai instead of fighting those two.

      Anyway, I wouldn’t complain if this show got another season because I don’t think I’ll read the manga 🙂

    • We’re over halfway through the season, but Karneval appears to be dragging itself through introductory episodes still. It’s not just the plot; the character’s are seriously underdeveloped too. I want to like this show, but the clock is ticking.

  2. I thought Gareki was so mean when he was like “We’re not friends” to Yogi. Maybe he’ll like Silver Yogi a bit better? Pffft, not likely, but I agree Silver Yogi was pretty awesome..

    • Like I said, I think that he doesn’t really “mean” it and deep inside he cares (even just a bit) for Yogi. He’s just being a tsundere or something xD

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