Karneval Episode 9 – Our Poor Tsukumo-chan

tsukumo and karoku


With his super sensitive ears, Nai discovers that Yogi is in danger so the worried Tsukumo rushes back to them, only to be intercepted and abducted by the on-the-run Varugas. They bring Tsukumo to Erisyuka’s mansion wherein a party is being held. Meanwhile, Yogi comes back to his senses and, along with Gareki, meets up with Nai who tells them about Tsukumo. Akari explains Yogi’s condition to Nai and Gareki while they’re at the Research Tower for their body examination. Tsukumo tries to escape the mansion, with the Bestial Varugas and Kiharu and Kagiri trying to catch her again, and ends up in the greenhouse where she meets Karoku. She tries to hold him as hostage but with his secret needle, he manages to knock her out.


It seems like this show picked itself up again from those dull episodes weeks ago. We are given some answers to the mysteries left hanging but they bombarded us with a lot more. Anyway, this is a nice but somewhat disappointing episode for our lovely Tsukumo.

It’s quite disappointing because we never got to see some of Tsukumo’s feats while she’s fighting the Varugas. Yeah, she’s worried sick about Yogi and Gareki’s conditions but she’s easily knocked down by her opponent. Like really? I was cheering for her when she tries to rescue the two but… Oh well, it just show how inexperience she is as a Circus Fighter.

the two lovely ladies meet

the two lovely ladies meet

But what I like about her is that during those times in the mansion she keeps her calm. She’s on her head which is good until those times when she over thinks and becomes pessimistic. Anyway, thanks to Hirato’s image she’s back to her normal self. She wants to be useful. She wants to meet Hirato’s expectations. I wonder why she respects him that much.

Look at him! Please keep your hair like that Akari~

Look at him! Please keep your hair like that Akari~

We also learn a bit about Yogi’s condition. According to Akari, Yogi reacted to the Varuga substance in the air when they went to the underground doll room. That makes some imbalance to his cell that wakes his other self. I think Gareki is starting to think that he’s a Varuga or something like that. He’s also starting to question the source of “magic” of the circus members. Well, same for me. I know the details because of some spoilers and I hope they’ll tackle it within this cour. Yogi’s background is interesting and is so related to the Varugas.

Oh So Sweet

Oh So Sweet

Yogi unconsciously protected Gareki while in his Silver Yogi form. It just shows that he deeply cares for him that his heart’s desire manifests to his other persona. He’s so thankful that he’s a live so maybe something like this happened in the past. Something really bad that makes Yogi so protective to Gareki, to everyone.

Who's sailing with me? xD

Who’s sailing with me? xD

Okay, let’s talk about Karoku. His character is still a mystery to me. Is he a friend or a foe? I don’t want him to be the enemy because he’s so hot and all but with the thing he did to Tsukumo, I don’t know. He can still hear Nai in his head and it’s giving him a headache as well. He wants to hear Nai’s scream and cries. He wants him to leave Gareki. He hurts Tsukumo, Nai’s friend. I don’t know what’s the deal with him. Maybe he wants to see Nai’s growth and for him to experience all the emotions of human? Or maybe he’s just a possessive sadist? I bet on the latter.

Oh this brat >.<

Oh this brat >.<

Speaking of possessive, here comes Erisyuka! She’s being a brat again. I don’t like this kid. But it seems like she doesn’t know anything about the Kafka, Uro, and his grandfather’s involvement with such organization.

Overall, it’s a great episode. If only they’ll continue this kind of tread, I’ll like it even more. This episode ended with a cliffhanger, is Tsukumo dead? Well, I strongly believe that she isn’t although this episode makes it look like she is. Well, that’s something to look forward to.

8 stars

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    • Haha yeah and that makes it a really great tool for DEADLY self-defense 🙂 Also, that makes Karoku an even more interesting character because he’s clever enough to incapacitate Tsukumo in an instant.

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