Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 10 – The Girls Want to Have Fun!

suzuno, emi, chiho


Manager Kisaki sends Maou Sadao to help the MgRonalds staffs at Fushima Park. Not being able to tag along, Chiho invites Emi to go to Fushima. Along with Suzuno who wants to observe Maou, the three goes to the amusement park. After dropping by to say hi to Maou, they continue to see the main attractions of the park. An escaped circus monkey named Sadao picks up the master keys that opens the reptile’s cages and releases the crocodiles to the pool. Maou saves everyone by using the magic he gained from people’s fears, much to Suzuno’s confusion. On their way home, Suzuno sees a hooded figure that spreads his angelic wings right before her eyes.


Suzuno is now experiencing the same confusion Emi had as she witnessed Maou’s kindness to humans. She still doesn’t trust Maou of course, and maybe she doubts Emi as well. I wonder what she’ll do next.

Nothing much really happened that progressed the main story except the last reveal in which we are proven of the SFC manager’s identity. He’s an angel! If my speculation is correct, he attacked Yusa by the Church’s order. Now, he made an appearance to Suzuno so maybe he’ll convince her to turn her back to Yusa and join him in the dark side bwahahahaha.

Anyway, poor Emi…

chiho's boobs

The girls’ boobs in terms of MgRonald’s burger…


Emi = MgTunas

one pounder burger

Chiho = one pounder burger

I actually laughed so hard on that scene. Although comparing sizes is already one of the most normal things in anime, Emi’s spot on reaction is just so epic.

monkey prefers the big boobed girl

Of course, Sadao prefers the BIGGER one! Not just the monkey, mind you.

haunted house

That haunted house is so scary by the way. I can’t blame that even an experienced hero and Suzuno become scared of it.

This episode wouldn’t be complete without these epic faces:

maou sadao

emi's epic face

chiho epic face


ashiya epic face

Okay, sorry for the picture spam. There’s really nothing for me to add so yeah. Anyway, things are going to be more interesting next episode. The battle between MgRonalds and SFC will take another height as it will be a battle between a Demon Lord and an Angel.

6 stars

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