Karneval Episode 10 – A Place to Go Back To

cute yogi


Hirato heals the unconscious Tsukumo and brings her back to the Second Ship. While the two fighters are gone, Nai and Gareki transfers to the first ship where they are not-so-warmly welcomed. Jiki tests their abilities but in the end, he gives Gareki some stern message about his usefulness. The two tags along with the first ship in their investigation about the deaths of some poachers in a government wildlife sanctuary called Vinto. Tsukitachi explains the nature of their powers to Gareki while Jiki, Kiichi and Nai meet a huge mystical creature named Kiri. After being provoked by the first captain’s summons, Kiri violently attacks the people in the area and it turns out that the creature is the cause of the poachers’ deaths. Yogi comes to Nai’s rescue and Kiichi ends the poor creature’s life. After the mission, Gareki and Nai are transferred back to the second ship where they find Tsukumo waiting for them.


The problem in this show is that we don’t get the right answers during the times we needed it the most. We are left to accept things as they are without them being fully explained. Like they’re saying, “You’re supposed to know it already, there’s no need for explanations!” Though it might work for some shows, I can’t help but be concerned about Karneval. For example, Tsukumo’s revival, like – okay she’s alive but how?

Good thing, we got some explanations on how Circus’ magic works. Their powers come from an omnipotent cell called Incura embedded to their bracelets that summons their potentials. Of course, the one who possess the bracelet needs proper training to control the power or else they will be overwhelmed by it just like what happened to Yogi.

Oh Jiki, what have you done?

Oh Jiki, what have you done?

Kiichi and Jiki certainly have their own quirks. Kiichi continues to be an annoying brat, Jiki plays a rather vicious character…, and he tops Gareki.

Anyway, he starts finding out the backgrounds of the two. Nai is of course an important part of the Circus’ mission because he draws the Kafka closer to them. Gareki on the other hand doesn’t have that much of essential background but he learned that he’s one of the people in the human trafficking incident in which both the Circus’ captain took care of. Maybe Tsukitachi and Hirato’s real aim for their mission was to save Gareki. As for the reason, I dunno.

Jiki wants Nai as well!

Jiki wants Nai as well!

During Jiki and Gareki’s confrontation, Jiki hits the spot about Gareki’s dilemmas. He doesn’t have a place to go back to. A home where there’s someone waiting for him. We don’t know about his real family but the one who took care of him, the family he once has, was tore down by the Varugas. Now that Tsubame is being taken care of by the Circus and now that he heard the news that Circus will take care of his grandfather’s hospital bill, his sole purpose of doing what he have done is gone. And now that he’s trying to move on and help Circus, he’s usefulness is being questioned.

However, he’ll soon realize that right now he has a place to go back to. A place to say “Tadaima!” to the people who are concerned about him – The Second Ship. Nai realizes it as well.

Anyway, Yogi is just so cute in this episode! I think I died. Really!

Yogi, don't cry!

Yogi, don’t cry!

It seems like there’s a spy in Circus. Someone who have given the drug to Muromi, which was given to Kiri. He claims that he works for Akari. At first, I thought it was Izumi but he’s the head of the Life Division so Muromi would know. Maybe another Kafka member?

By the end of the episode, we are hinted that Karoku won’t last long. On what purpose is he with the enemies group? Just to satisfy Erisyuka’s lust? I don’t want him to die even after what he did to Tsukumo. Ugh. This is what I get for liking a bad (?) person.

7 stars

4 thoughts on “Karneval Episode 10 – A Place to Go Back To

    • I know that they’re going to tackle it, probably, next week but I can’t help but think that this episode breaks the continuity of what happened in the mansion. They ended episode 9 with that kind of cliffhanger then poof, she’s okay don’t worry let’s move on blah-blah.

  1. So much is happening, but the main plot is moving along at a snail’s pace. It’s almost like every episode after the second one has been nothing but filler. As you said, even the stuff that does happen is just kind of swept under the rug and never fully explained. This show had the potential to be a lot better if only it hadn’t suffered from such severe pacing and organizational issues. It’s too bad.

    • Honestly, I won’t mind this kind of issues IF I’m reading the manga. The mangaka can take her precious time in world building and character development. However, they are limited with only 13 episodes to shine and this show so far disappoints me the most this season, along with DeSu2.

      Thankfully, I still have this fanboy inside of me 🙂

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