Karneval Episode 11 – A Way to Spend Their Day-Off

Yogi, Nai and Yanari


Nai, Gareki and Yogi go out to the city to enjoy their day-off along with Jiki who goes off alone to do some of his shopping. The three enter the Nyanperona shop and they meet a young boy named Yanari after some ruckus created by Gareki. He blackmails Yogi of telling the other kids of Nyanperona’s true identity if they don’t help him in looking for a certain place. It turns out that he’s the son of the Lindain’s Group President and he’s looking for his mother’s house. However, he is devasted when he finds out that his mother is already dead. Nai and Yogi comforted Yanari and he realizes that he becomes friends with all of them. The group sends Yanari off and leave. Onboard, Yanari calls Nai about Karoku and says that a girl named Erisyuka has mentioned Karoku before. Nai tells Tsukumo that Karoku is at the smoky mansion after he recovers from fainting. Circus begins to head off to save Karoku. 


For some reasons, I like this episode. A happy and cheerful episode is nice once in a while. Well, at least the first half. We are introduced to a new “brat” character, Yanari, and his own little drama. The setup is quite cliché but at least, it is handled well.

They're so adorable ~

They’re so adorable ~

It’s nice to see more of Nai’s development as a person. The love you receive is also the love you will be able to give. The acceptance and company of Yogi and Gareki shapes him as a person who is also kind and accepting of others. He helps and comforts Yanari during the time that he needs it the most. Though he’s still not that familiar with what he needs to do, he does the same thing as what Yogi and Gareki did to him – he holds Yanari’s hand. Seeing him break down and cry touched my heart a bit. I really can’t handle the cry of a tsundere-ish brat.



Anyway, Gareki is being invited to become a part of the Second Ship Family. Hell! He should accept it along with the powers he’ll be able to receive! You won’t be that useless anymore! That father-son scene between Hirato and Gareki is so cute and nice. I feel a little bit warm deep inside. Ahem. At first, he’s just been tagging along with Nai to get more money. But since he doesn’t have use for the money anymore, why not join the defence organization? He’s still having second thoughts though.

Quite Suspicious...

Quite Suspicious…

There are some important details that are revealed in this episode. There (is) are (a SPY) SPIES in the research tower. We saw a guy, the one who examined Nai and Gareki’s body last episode, in the door with the oh-so-obvious I’m-the-spy vibes. BUT… I think Izuna has something to do with it. What’s with the scratches anyway?

What happened to you?

What happened to you?

Nai finally discovers where his precious Karoku is. After learning from Yanari (oh, that’s his purpose in this show?) that Erisyuka somehow knows this person, he is contacted by Karoku. He tells him that he had been forcefully taken away from Nai and was taken to the Smoky Mansion. He also told him that he’s going to be killed so Nai should hurry to meet him. I don’t want him to die. Oh, please dont! I think he’s being experimented of some sort OR his knowledge about experiments and such are being used by the Kafka. Not to mention, he’s also the center of Erisyuka’s infatuation. In Nai’s head, Karoku seems to have more bandages… I wonder what is happening to his body.

We demand more Jiki!

We demand more Jiki!

More actions next episode as the Circus invades the enemies’ main territory! That’s something to look forward to. However, I want to see more of the side characters like Iva! Where the hell is she? 13 episodes are not enough to explore the story and showcase the amazing casts. I believe that there are a lot of things that will be left behind. Season 2? Hmmm… For my dose of bishies, sure why not.

7 stars

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