Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 12 – Moon and Fear

emi's boobs


Angel Sariel brings Emi and Chiho to the City Hall’s rooftop and tries to retrieve the sword “Better Half” from Emi by torturing her with his nullifying beam. Maou arrives to rescue the two but Suzuno ambushes him. After seeing how dedicated Maou is in saving Chiho despite how powerless he is, she lets him pass. Meanwhile, Olba wakes up from the hospital, knocks out Ashiya, and goes to the Castle Overlord where he finds Urushihara. He convinces him to join forces with him once again but in the end, Urushihara fools him by causing commotion in the street that brings forth some powers to him, Maou and Ashiya. In his true form, Maou manages to defeat Angel Sariel.


I’m going to miss this show. Really! But let’s save this talk for next week.

Anyway, the last arc finally reaches its climax as our main casts struggle and fight against our evil and perverted Angel Sariel. I’m quite disappointed because I expected something more since the first arc’s conclusion is just so amazing. It really sucks to expect, my bad. BUT this episode is still great. It has some flashy action scenes that I’ve miss.

Poor Dullahan, you'll be missed!

Poor Dullahan, you’ll be missed!

The show tries to balance out the overall atmosphere by adding some humour here and there and it works just fine, it’s Maou-Sama! we are talking about after all! The problem regarding this one is that they keep on playing the same old jokes repeatedly, like the issue on Emi’s chest.  Although I still smile with Emi’s reaction, I admit that the effect is wearing off.

maou epic face


Of course, we have a fair share of epic faces in this episode! I really think that this is one of the show’s greatest assets. They just know how to play with the characters’ faces along with their funny dialogues and reactions.

Yo! I'm Awesome!

Yo! I’m Awesome!

Oh by the way… Maou is so sexy! Fighting wearing only an underwear? Talk about being COOL!

Being a NEET is not that bad

Mi Paborito

Speaking of our awesome characters, I really love the roles they played in this final battle. Maou handled almost everything thanks to my baby Urushihara. LOL, I just want to mention him. But really, I’m glad that he didn’t turn his back against Maou once again. Being a NEET has this effect to him although I think that he now loves his relationship with all the casts. He is awesome PERIOD.

I’m also happy to see Suzuno’s development from her inner struggles between what’s right and what’s wrong and judging people from what others told her and what she had seen with her own eyes. She has been relying to Maou all along!



I love how this show played Maou being all-knowing regarding Suzuno’s identity. I have suspected that for a while now. Although he knows that she’s from Ente Isla, he still accepted her and treated her well. Maou is just so good to be true; too bad, he was born as the demon king. But… poor Chi-chan… he’s still oblivious to her feelings…

You're late!!!

You’re late!!!

Anyway, with only one episode left, I think that the whole “Ente Isla Issue” won’t be settled. Same goes for Chi-chan and Maou’s relationship. But that leaves it open for another season, which I will be looking forward to. I’ve heard that the sales are doing well so I’m crossed-finger for a second season.

8 stars

2 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 12 – Moon and Fear

  1. “Fighting wearing only an underwear? Talk about being COOL!”
    It was certainly a bit surreal, seeing the *male* lead come up with a ridiculous excuse to fight a series of battles in just his underwear. Noting the “magic pants” trope at the same time was an amusing bonus.
    The devils all got some funny moments in this episode! Lucifer deciding the NEET life is better than heaven was a crowning moment of funny and epic all in one, and Ashiya being Ashiya as always (actually returning home to get his cape… LOL).

    The plot side of things was even more predictable than I was expecting though, which is saying something because I was expecting some rather predictable things. I guess that’s how this series operates though–it just wants to have fun throwing jokes into the story we’re already familiar with.

    • I agree. This episode is so predictable that almost all the casts did what I expected them to do. But like what you’ve said, this show just wants to be as fun as possible so at least for me it’s not that of a big deal.

      By the way, I think Urushihara wins this episode when it comes to “moments”! Bwahahaha.

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