Karneval Episode 12 – Attack on Kafka

tsukumo power


Second Ship and First Ship of Circus are off to save Karoku. They manage to take over the security system and take over the mansion, but they can’t find Karoku! Fights are starting off everywhere and Hirato finally leaves the Ship to face Uro. Azana starts to act weird and he invites Akari to join the Kafka. Nai remembers his days as an animal with Karoku and reaches for the sky, where the forest opens a rainbow gate, assumedly to Karoku. 


Now this is the Karneval that I have in my mind. A show packed with epic and flashy fights involving our equally flashy and beautiful men and women. Although this show has been pretty much all over the place in the past episodes, I think all of the details are now coming together. The anime follows the manga right? It just shows on its pacing. A slow build up and then we are going to have an epic end for an arc. At least, that’s how I view Karneval right now.

Their outfits are super snazzy

Their outfits are super snazzy

The only problem that I have now is that, they focused more in the world building that I don’t really know that much regarding these beautiful casts. They only developed, um, Nai and Gareki? It’s quite understandable though because we only have 13 episodes. I just wished that they used them more effectively. But yeah, I think there’s also a problem with the source material. I’ll check it out once the show finishes. I’m now interested!

My girls are so gorgeous!

My girls are so gorgeous!

Anyway, like I said, I’m really looking forward for the action and this episode quite left me hanging. We are able to see Tsukumo’s abilities now and she is able to redeem herself! Well, it’s time for her to kick some ass.

Akari, push him down ;)

Akari, push him down 😉

My prediction last week is right! Azuna has something to do with the Kafka, or so what I’ve conclude from this episode. He’s claiming that since they keep on losing to Varuga it just shows that humans are inferior to them and they are on the right side of justice. From what we knew, he was a victim of Varuga and he hates them. But now, I think he resigned struggling against them. I wonder what Akari would do!

Don't make Yogi worry about you Gareki

Don’t make Yogi worry about you Gareki

Right now, Gareki is trying to prove his worth to Circus. He thinks of himself as useless and burden to them and that makes him feel so bad. His pride prevents him from accepting Hirato’s offer for him to become a member of Circus. I think that deep inside he wants to become a member but he needs to show first that he deserves it. Something like that. His decision to leave the Ship depresses our poor Yogi. I think he really loves him after all LOL.

You're still shrouded in mystery, Karoku

Stop being clingy, you shitty brat!

Anyway, another mystery has been opened up, as we see another Karoku (tell me if I’m wrong, the quality of my video is quite a mess!). I think he created a clone. It’s really hard to read his character. He’s the owner of Nai’s old Circus’ bracelet so I wonder what his involvement in the organization is.

Rainbow powah!

Rainbow powah!

Speaking of Nai, he was able to use the bracelet! But I wonder what power he possesses now?

Overall, it’s a great episode. I’m really looking forward for its conclusion and I hope that they’ll end it nicely with all the issues and mysteries solved (at least for this manga arc). You’ve raised the bar; don’t disappoint me with your ending Karneval!

9 stars

4 thoughts on “Karneval Episode 12 – Attack on Kafka

  1. I agree. Feels like Karneval is finally starting to come together and it looks like everyone’s gonna get involved in the final fight. As for this episode, for some reason I really liked the part where it looked like the forest was spewing out rainbows. Heh, that was so random for me. It was just cool seeing all the Circus people doing their thing and all the weird little creatures in Circus hopping around and doing things.

    One thing I hope is that they tell us a little about Karoku, but since there’s only one episode left, I’m betting they’ll just leave it all open… Oh well, there is always the manga. I’m happy to see the anime’s made you interested in that, though I’m not much of a manga reader, personally. Haha, anyway, can’t wait to see how this ends!

    • Well, Karneval is really an interesting show. It has so much potential but the show did not manage to deliver that well. It has a bunch of interesting and BEAUTIFUL casts and a world of mysteries to explore.That’s why I’d like to continue it by reading the manga. But of course, a second season is always welcome 🙂

      Anyway, aren’t you planning of writing a post about Yogi x Gareki? Haha.

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