Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 13 [FINAL]

maou and emi


After his fight with Angel Sariel, Maou Sadao uses all of his magic to repair all the damages done in the city. Meanwhile, Chiho and Emi are both worried about their dreams involving Maou so they decide to follow him when he starts to act suspiciously. They find out that he is working in another job to earn some money because Urushihara’s tracking devices cost them a lot. At the Castle Overlord, they discover that a scam company wherein Ashiya is currently employed has victimized Urushihara. With the help of Emi, they settle the issue and their poor budget are saved. On his way back home from work, one rainy evening, Emi gives a new umbrella to Maou and she blushes as he thank her.


Am I the only one who is satisfied with Maou-sama!’s final episode?

After the action-packed episode last week, I already expected that this show would tread to its normal route. I mean, yeah, there’s no such thing as closure in this episode and it feels rather filler-ish but this is how I want this show to end. All the characters being together and doing some fun/serious stuff. Their personalities clashing and, at the same time, harmonizing with one another. Add those well-executed jokes and punch lines and, voila, it’s maou-sama people!

Maou-dono, say "aaahh!"

Maou-dono, say “aaahh!”

Well honestly, what really made it up for me are Urushihara and Ashiya. They are still the best characters. And oh, Suzuno is just so cute. Gotta love her.

The last part of the episode shows Emi blushing while she’s giving Maou a new umbrella. That marks how the two became close to each other. Two enemies brought together by the same circumstances and they learn to understand one another. That blush officially brings Emi into Maou’s harem and itleft me hanging and wanting for the continuation of the story besides for the reason of missing such awesome casts. I want to know how their relationship will progress.

This looks like a better ending though.

This looks like a better ending though.

BUT wait. There’s Chiho, whose efforts are being ignored by Maou. I think there’s more to Maou’s action than just for comedic purposes. Or maybe, he’s ignoring all the girls for Ashiya.

Seems legit.

Seems legit.

I’m going to miss this show. I’m glad that I picked it up because it has been a wonderful experience for me. I had a lot of laughs every week. I’ve grown to like all the characters.  And the facial expressions:

maou silly face

Oh, Maou I’m going to miss you!

Again, there’s no resolution about what’s happening to Ente Isla and to Chiho’s love for Maou. But I guess this show made it apparent that it doesn’t want to tackle them, at least for now. It’s open for another season and I think most of us will gladly welcome this show back.

8 stars

We hope to see you guys again!

We hope to see you guys again!

9 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 13 [FINAL]

  1. Or maybe, he’s ignoring all the girls for Ashiya.

    I noticed he seemed excited to see Ashiya there, LOL. =P

    Fun show; wouldn’t mind if a second season were greenlit. I think I would like to see a bit of a faster pace if that were to happen, though.

    • I noticed he seemed excited to see Ashiya there, LOL. =P

      Ashiya is his waifu~~ Anyway, I also had a problem regarding maou-sama’s pacing especially in the second half wherein it felt so dragged out. Fixing that problem would definitely make this show more enjoyable 🙂

  2. the final episode was more of a so-so to me. but I guess it is nice to see Maou-sama!’s usual pace here. I’m really crossing my fingers for a 2nd season. I definitely want to watch more of this :3

    • I definitely want to watch more of this :3

      We all do!

      I definitely understand that this episode felt a little bit(?) underwhelming for some. But I think it’s best to have the usual pace of this show as the finale episode, for it’ll surely reminds us on how we’ll miss this show. 🙂

  3. Great post!
    I agree – this was a fun and appropriate final episode. I personally enjoyed the character-comedy over the action in this show so I liked it as well. I would love to see another season but feel as though the story managed to wrap itself up well despite leaving a couple of things unanswered. I’m gonna miss this show.

    Ashiya X Maou OTP!

  4. Okay: if I’m wishing for another Karneval season, you must know I really, really, really and really WANT a second one about Maou-sama!
    I laughed a lot, every day while watching, I love the chara design, I love each one, how they act, all the lines…EVERYTHING.
    Plus, consider some good fan service as the charming Lord of Darkness rounds with no clothes but with a perfect, muscolar, chest…that’s okay with me!

    Of all the female chara, I love Emi. She’s the hero, her life sucks because she’s used just to fight and left outside in the moment of need. But still, she is able to arrive to Japan alone, find a job and a nice place…I repeat: alone. She doesn’t scream, she doesn’t cry, she is strong and she is not scared to show her true feeling.
    If I want a couple, then it will be Maou with her.

    Chi…I don’t like her. She got some big boobs, she could be even cute, but I don’t like girls always crying and waiting to be rescued…

    Oh!I could not forget about Lucifer and his addiction to the net…I laughed a lot for a day ahahahah

    • I agree. Emi’s character is really interesting, at least for the first part of this show. She’s indeed a strong woman for being able to adapt in this new world, alone. I also like her for Maou, especially when they had their moment in the last part of this episode. Like, really, she’s blushing! But I like Chiho as well, so…

      Maou should just gun for Ashiya instead 🙂

  5. Just finished watch this show 😛 and already miss it.

    I’ll skip the technical stuff, but what i liked about hataraku is it’s drama on daily life; the struggle in it; the fun, love, friendship that comEs along with,.. yeah that kinda stuff.

    Would you give me some reference of animes that has similarity with hataraku?? Thanks in advance 🙂

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