Karneval Episode 13 [Final]



Circus tries to get into the Rainbow gate, but only Gareki and Nai get through. They see Karoku and Nai runs up to hug him, but Gareki suddenly can’t move. He realizes that something is wrong and struggles to shout at Nai. Nai looks back and realizes that the real Karoku is lying in a death-like state on the ground. They eventually complete the mission and bring Karoku back, where he is saved by Akari but stays unconscious. Gareki decides to leave and study to become a member of Circus and they bid a sad farwell to him. After the credits, Karoku is seen awake in the hospital bed, watching a bird fly away from his window. 


If Karneval is meant to advertise the manga, then it definitely succeeds in doing so because I want to read the manga right now. This show has a LOT of potential and when things are getting better and better, it ends. That just sucks right? I mean, that left us wanting to know more about them and to uncover the mysteries surrounding the series.


that stare….

So apparently, there are two Karokus: The real one and a clone. The clone claims that he has the same cells as Karoku so he is also Karoku. I wonder if Karoku really made a clone of himself.  That clone is the one communicating with Nai telling him to leave Gareki and go back to him. He’s also the one who hurt Tsukumo, which I was glad since the real Karoku is not the one at fault. But… Karoku is still a mystery. We never get the chance to know him. He may be as bad as the clone, who knows. Maybe they are really one and the same just like a snake shedding its skin. Unfortunately, if one would not read the manga or just wait for the second season (if there’ll be one), then we’ll never get to know Karoku better. Right now, I’m just glad that he’s still alive.

tsukitachi and kiichi

I wonder how they survived that explosion

This episode felt rushed. The fight ended so suddenly so I’m a bit disappointed. Uro was defeated by the Circus members! I thought that he’ll be a much formidable opponent and he’s going to face either Tsukutachi or Hirato. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that Tsukumo and Iva have their moments but…

Anyway, their mission to retrieve Karoku was accomplished even though they didn’t get evidence about Palnedo’s involvement in Kafka. The traitor, Azana also escaped. And we never got the chance to know what’s inside the small box! Oh god, there’s so much thing left unsolved.

We'll see you again!

We’ll see you again!

Gareki decided to enter a school to get more credentials so that he can join the Circus with his head held high. He felt so useless in this whole event (well in the whole show as well) so his pride was severely hurt. He still wants to stay with them of course, but he needs to prove his worth. Him joining the Circus is another thing to look forward to in the second season.

We want to get to know you better, Karoku-san

We want to get to know you better, Karoku-san

Overall, this show has been a great ride for me. There’s a lot of ups and downs but this show manages to redeem itself in the end. The greatest aspect of this show is its character design and visuals. Really, it’s one of the best this season. It’s flashy and colorful. The OP and the ED are both memorable. But most especially, I had a lot of fun shipping a lot of possible couples of this show!

I'll miss you guys

I’ll miss you guys

I’m going to miss my weekly dose of beauties, but I guess not for long cause I’ll read the manga. The show has been all over the place but I think it wrapped up everything in this final episode pretty well. I just hope that Karneval has been this good earlier so that some people didn’t dropped this show. Oh well, it just followed the manga honestly and I wouldn’t like it if they changed so much stuffs. This is one of the shows that will benefit for another season. But even if the sales are doing well, the materials are not enough so let’s wait with our fingers crossed.

8 stars

We hope to see you again!

We hope to see you again!

7 thoughts on “Karneval Episode 13 [Final]

  1. You’re right that the character designs and colors are some of the best aspects of this show, but the characters themselves just couldn’t keep up. Before I even watched the first episode, I predicted that the cast was going to make or break the show, and I was right. You seem to disagree, but I didn’t really find any of the characters all that likable.

    It also didn’t help that most of the season felt like filler. These last two episodes were a significant improvement, but it was too little, too late.

    • Yeah, sadly, it’s too late for Karneval. I do find the characters adorable because they seem to click with my tastes despite having little to no development.

  2. Shiizumi-san…are you telling me a second season doesn’t exist ??? D: this is unfair!
    Btw, even if I wasn’t so emotionally involved as for K, I like Karneval so much! (K…Karneval..ah ah ah…just kidding XD).
    Colors are in particular what I like the most, I’m talking about eyes of all the characters more than everything.
    My only regret is that you have so much potential about a plot in the last two episodes for sure and the fact Gareki, after the trial with the twins, is left a little bit outside.
    Also, Yarani-kun, finding so suddendly Karaku’s location…well it seems to me a little bit…forced !!!

    • No, there’s still a chance for a second season. I don’t know about the sales of this show so far but if ever there’s going to be another season, expect it after a year or so.

      Anyway, you’ve checked it out huh? Good! Karneval’s greatest asset is its visuals and character designs. However it doesn’t fill in the gap that we experienced with the plot. If you still want to know more about the characters and the plot, you might as well check out the manga 🙂

      • Ohh understood! Thank you so much for what you have suggested, I’m going to read the manga as soon as possible!Even because I want to know more!
        A question: may I see Gareki and his project to be a child of the ship, or the manga too is stuck with him ready to leave ??

        • No, the manga is ahead of the anime so I think you’ll be able to see Gareki in the Academy or something. I haven’t read it myself, I’m still busy preparing for our exams 🙂

  3. There better be a second series. From all the anime I have watched, with super natural being, up to combat techniques, I’d have to say this anime deserves a second series. This surpassed almost every anime I’ve watched and trust me I’ve watched hundreds. I was hooked from the first episode. I hope you can make a second series, cause if not no matter what I will make sure I have all your guys books, so I will always have this closest to my heart. I love you guys and keep up the good work.

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