First Impressions – Brothers Conflict, Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi & Servant x Service

brothers conflict


Comments: For the sake of watching these men doing some stuffs and trying to bang our main girl, I thought I could stick to this one. However, the first episode is so unbearable to watch for me. Yeah, for ME who enjoyed watching shows like UtaPri and Amnesia for the sole purpose of getting my weekly dose of bishies. This show has a large casts and it kinda reminds me of Starry Sky, which I dropped by the sixth episode. I can’t say that much regarding this episode because it’s just an introductory one except that I hate the squirrel. I hate talking squirrels! Especially when they are blue. Also, the main girl is boring as fuck… as usual.

Thank God we have the twins.

Verdict: One or two more episodes then I’ll decide whether to continue with this show or drop it.

Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi - 01 - Large 18


Comments: Okay…. WTF IS GOING ON? I must say that the premise is great and interesting – God abandoning the world he created which causes the people not being able to die and reproduce. I’m digging it. It feels a little bit creepy because I imagine those people are becoming zombies. Yikes. However, by the look of the first episode this show is taking itself way too seriously. Yeah, it suits the concept but it’s not just up to my likings. I think that the visuals are great with all of its vibrant colours but my poor vision can’t hold up watching it for 23 minutes without break! Possibly because it was afternoon over there and the sun is so bright. Anyway, this has a lot of potential so I would like to discover how well this show could deliver.

Verdict: I would like to know more about the story and our characters so I’ll check out the next episodes.



Comments: This reminds me of one of my favorite shows – Working!! From the upbeat OP to the visuals and character designs, it seems so familiar. Of course, they are both products of A-1 Pictures and by the same mangaka. Instead of a family restaurant, our main casts are working in a civil service office. It’s refreshing to watch a show with all adult casts. It’s fun watching their interactions with one another and the light atmosphere is infectious. Guess I just love this kind of shows. I had a fair share of laughs with this one and the characters are all so easy to like, which is a plus.

Best part is that I ship Hasebe and Yamagami.

Verdict: I’ll definitely follow this show this season.

I’ve been pretty much late with my impressions posts because I’ve been so busy these past few days. Out of 15 shows that I’ve downloaded, I’ve only managed to watch 4 of them (for the current season). I’ll keep my posts short and straight to the point. Less effort and time consumption. 

Anyway, let’s enjoy this season’s offers okay?

5 thoughts on “First Impressions – Brothers Conflict, Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi & Servant x Service

  1. For some reason when I watch Servant X Service, I feel relaxed because I get a sense of a simulation of what the future holds for me once I enter the job sector. The show’s also amusing but it needs a “goddess” character for it to truly shine like WORKING!!. Basically, the show needs a Yamada.

  2. thank goodness that there is someone he agree with about this show.
    I hate those shows that talk about bunch of handsome boys that fall in love with the same girl ..
    and the most stupid is with there step sister and all of them are brothers omg ..
    I dropped it from the first episode .. and the main heroine is soo boring and act like pure and its very boring ,,
    and I hate how this girl did made them all the boys to fell in love with her .. what did she do to them // did she cure them..

    • Same here, dropped it from the first episode. I didn’t even have the guts to watch another episode. Tumblr people seems to like this show, though.

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