First Impressions – Danganronpa: The Animation



“Kill or you’ll be killed.”

Yeah, it was done multiple times already but, fuck, this show is definitely for me. It is an adaptation of a famous game of the same title so it already has its own fan base. Like Free!, tumblr has been full of danganronpa pictures before the show starts so I had already some ideas about it. I must say that the concept is really cool!

Fifteen teenagers with special high school talents (?) are trapped inside a school by a monobear, the principal. In order to get out of that place, they need to kill one person. According to MAL, they need to kill one person and be able to do that without being discovered or else he/she will be killed. Fuck it. That makes me want to play the game!

Okay, okay. For this to really work out the characters need to be likeable so that when they are killed, their fans will be put in despair. I remember my feels when one of my favorite characters in Mirai Nikki died, gosh. I guess you will be hearing a lot of people, including me, saying this: NOT MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!

Characters I like so far:

  • Celestia Ludenberg (The Gambler)
  • Ishimaru Kiyotaka (The Hall Monitor)
  • Kirigiri Kyouko (????)
  • Fukawa Touko (The Bookworm)

(I still don’t know their names, and yes, I cheated thanks to Cho’s characters guide picture)

I don’t want them to die. I don’t have a deep reason for that aside from I still want to see them in this show. Partly because I like what is shown about them so far and I like their character designs.

Talking about character designs, I think this is just okay. Looking a bit childish but all the more creepy. Since it’s adapted from a game, of course, there’s this game-y feel to it. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing but I like it.

I was just hoping that we got to see at least one murder this episode (the one at the beginning doesn’t count).

Verdict: I’ll try to cover this show on my episode commentaries, that is, if I’m not that busy. Nevertheless, this show is definitely a keeper.

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