Danganronpa: The Animation Episode 2 – Those Who Can’t Adapt Won’t Survive



And the first one to kick the bucket is… Our Super High School Idol Maizono-san!

SHIT. I didn’t see that coming. I’m not good in sensing death flags so forgive me but I’m really surprised that Maizono is the first one to fall. I even thought that she’s one of the main girls in this show. I was just really shocked. She’s been giving off some Yuno feel to me so I thought that she‘d go yandere for Naegi.

Someone is already on the move. Someone wants to graduate early in that horrible academy. I wouldn’t blame X though. But given the flow of things, X have to die next episode. I’m just wondering what makes X target Maizono first. Is it because she’s the most unstable in the group?

Wow. Pink Blood. Love it.

Wow. Pink Blood. Love it.

Anyway, after her death they assemble in the gym where Monobear announces Maizono’s death. He informs them that one of them killed her and that they should discover X’s identity or else the innocents will all die. Based on that, whether you kill someone or not there’s always a chance of you biting the dust. Oh, Monobear you little creep!

More Pink Blood. And look at her!

More Pink Blood. And look at her!

To prove that the shit is real, we got to see monobear killing our Super High School Model Junko. The effect is both creepy and comical. Her reactions, as well as the bookworm’s, are just so funny… and creepy. I already predicted that she’s one of the first girls to die, based on her stereotype so I was not as shocked as with Maizono’s death. It’s just a shame that we never got to know more about her though.

The Detective in the House!

The Detective in the House!

Our main character, Naegi, is plain boring but thanks to other characters, the show became more interesting. I love how levelheaded Kyouko and Celestia are, well let’s include Togami. Kyouko is still a mystery but given my observations of her so far, I think that she’s the Super High School Mysterious Girl or Super High School Detective. Just look at her get up! She’s also the most perceptive in the group.

The main stand out for me is Celestia. Besides her character design (look at her hair!), her personality does stand out. She’s calm but with a touch of cruelty. I do agree with what she said though, in order to survive you must adapt to changes. In real life, that’s also how it plays. Sucks to be Maizono and Junko, both of which didn’t adapt to the environment.

LEON? Hmmm...

This clue says it all. *yawns*

This episode’s pacing is a tad bit too fast that I didn’t have time to think who the culprit is. The clues were shows so fast, as if they’re really rushing things. But overall, this episode is simply amazing! I’m buying it. I’m currently imagining what I would do if I were in their situation. Hmmmm…

Let’s see how the Class Trial will go next episode. I’m so excited. Upupupu…

Feel free to comment but please refrain from commenting some spoilers because I’ll kill you, okay?

8 stars

5 thoughts on “Danganronpa: The Animation Episode 2 – Those Who Can’t Adapt Won’t Survive

  1. Just finished watching the first two episodes of this anime!

    Hooooly crap, two people already dead? And wow, they didn’t get much time to gather clues at all, haha. Will next episode be like a crazy Ace Attorney courtroom scene? I’m looking forward to it.

    Also, lol the MC slept with his shoes on.

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