Danganronpa: The Animation Episode 4 – On to the Next Black

Fukawa Touko


A lot of things happened in this episode and I can definitely feel that the show is cramming too much events in this episode. Good thing though, this episode is giving the characters some screen time to show more of their personalities and interactions with one another. Yeah, I know that it’s far from what the game can offer but I’m glad that the show is trying.

He's the cutest!!

He’s the cutest!!

Ishimaru is just so cute in this episode and his Super High School Level Manly Fight with the weird-haired-dude-#2 brings in some light feel to the show. Celestia’s sudden outburst is also something to talk about. She’s always calm and seeing this side of her makes me happy. Looking forward for more!

She's slowly becoming the best girl...

She’s slowly becoming the best girl…

The highlight of this episode though is the weird relationship between Togami and Touko. I really feel that there’s something going on between them. No, I’m not shipping them! Not yet… Togami is willing to play the survival game, meaning he’s also willing to kill if necessary. He is currently reading murder mysteries to help increase his knowledge about it so that he can solve some cases. It seems that Kyouko has tone down this episode giving more emphasis for Togami’s role in this show. He’s slowly becoming an integral character in the story.

LOL. I just want to insert this here.

LOL. I just want to insert this here.

After Maizono’s case, Monobear became bored because there has been no black recently. He decided to give some of them a drive to kill and that is – their most hidden secrets and embarrassing moments. At first, I find it rather a shallow reason to kill someone (esp. when I first watch the sub wherein there’s no mention of the secrets part) but come to think of it, some people are willing to do anything just to cover up their dirty pasts.

That leads us to another murder and the unlucky one is our Super High School Level Programmer – Fujisaki Chihiro. She’s the most vulnerable in the group making her the easiest target. But I wonder if there is some other reason…

She's crucified... Look at the idol poster in the girl's changing room!

She’s crucified… Look at the idol poster in the girl’s changing room!

Good thing that this episode gives us more time to see the clues and they’ve been all hinted in the first half. I’m still having a hard time guessing who the murderer is. I know that I’m wishing for a harder mystery last week and look at what we have here. I can safely say though that Naegi, Kyouko, Togami and Touko are out of the question. The first two, it’s so obvious so let’s go with Togami and Touko. They’ve been really focused this week and at first watch, some people might think that Touko is the culprit given that she knows something about Genocider Syo. If that were the case, the Class Trial would be a little bit underwhelming because all they have to do is to prove her guilt. Same goes for Togami. I might be wrong though.

... let's have this cool guy

… let’s have this cool guy

Overall, another enjoyable episode from Danganronpa. I’m looking forward to know who the murderer is and why and how he/she did it. I’ve heard that it’s the best mystery of the game so I have some expectations next episode. Meanwhile, I have to do my best to avoid some spoilers. They are everywhere!!!!

7 stars

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I just received a major spoiler from one of my commenter a few days ago and that made me so depressed the whole day! Like damn! But hey, it’s not the commenter’s fault! However, I didn’t approve the comment for the sake of those people who wouldn’t want to be spoiled. Sorry.

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