Danganronpa: The Animation Episode 5 – Secrets and Sins

genocider syo and togami byakuya


The second case regarding Fujisaki Chihiro’s murder case comes to a close. I’m quite satisfied on how everything turns out. Misleading us with the Genocider Sho’s case, false culprits, and the surprise revelation of the true culprit worked well on this episode. Yeah, it came to me as a surprise because I thought of someone else before. Shame on me.

That would definitely kill you. Ouch.

That would definitely kill you. Ouch.

Oowada Mondo, the Super High School Level Outlaw Biker, killed Chihiro to protect his secret about the sin he committed in the outside world. He killed his own brother. Well, not really but he was the cause of his death. Moreover, his desire to kill was intensified after seeing Chihiro’s dedication in changing himself and overcoming his weaknesses – the thing that he wanted to do but wasn’t able to.

Naegi is ready to fi~re

Naegi is ready to fi~re

There are some things that I didn’t like in this class trial. Some nitpicking, if I may. The presentation of clues and the arguments are good so far until Naegi reasons out that Togami is not the culprit because he was shocked by Kirigiri’s revelation that Chihiro is a guy. Yeah, he is not the culprit, but it would be a really careless mistake to judge them based on that. Anyone can fake an emotion and so does Togami. Oh well, I guess the show has to clear his name somehow and move on to the next suspect. It’s just a shame on him because he’s acting so highly and somehow his plan to show off (not really) backfired on him being accused as the suspect. He deserves it.

Gawd. Ishimaru don't cry T____T

Gawd. Ishimaru don’t cry T____T

After revealing that Oowada is the killer and MonoBear telling his secret and motives for the murder, I feel that there are a lot of lacking details about the case. Indeed, it’s not needed anymore because he confirmed it himself but I’d like to know why he knew about Genocider Sho’s crucifixion methods. [EDIT] It was Togami who set up the body to test his comrade’s abilities. That’s sick!

Best part of this episode is the introduction of another character, which is Genocider Sho. Not necessarily a new character because she’s Fukawa Touko’s another persona but whatever. She already won the Best Character of Danganronpa Award. I mean, look at her tongue. HER FUCKINGLY LONG TONGUE. And it’s always out. It’s ridiculous. It’s stupid. It’s creepy. But it’s so funny at the same time. She’s the Super High School Level Murderer and she only kills cute guys! Like really? She’s also a self-proclaimed fujoshi so we definitely can’t ask for more! Also, she’s able to shut the mouth of Togami-kun. Not even Celestia can do that feat.





Transformation COMPLETE!

Transformation COMPLETE!

The best character <3

The best character ❤

But that aside, now that they have a murderer with them the danger inside the academy levels up. I wonder how she’ll commit her crime; if ever she will be awaken again. She wouldn’t use her usual method, would she?

Anyway, I am so focused with the murder-mystery happening inside the academy that I forgot to think about their situation and the mastermind of this whole event. One would definitely wonder why there’s no help coming in their way now that they’re missing for how many days. Some of them are really popular that the public would be alarmed by their disappearances. But like what Celestia said, the mastermind possesses greater power that even the public and the police force can’t do anything. On the last part of the episode, MonoBear is talking with the “mastermind”. They’re drinking “tea” and he said that he put up much effort in putting that person inside the academy. Meaning, the culprit is one of the remaining 10 persons alive. Now that’s another thing that I need to think about. Also, there will be a new Super High School Level student who will enter the academy. I wonder who he/she is?

Having a nice chat with the mastermind~

Having a nice chat with the mastermind~

I hope that the show would give focus on the greater mystery surrounding Monobear and the whole Hope Peak’s Academy, not just the murder mystery happening inside it. Monobear seems to speak something important about “humanity learning their lesson” from what happened to Oowada-kun. There might be some greater meaning behind this whole killing game aside from the fact that he enjoys seeing the people despair.

Anyway, another good episode but somehow the show is losing some of its sparks for me. Maybe because of the spoilers but I will do my best not to be affected by it.

7 stars

Before I end this post, I’m just going to remind those who want to leave a comment: Please, DON’T COMMENT ANY SPOILERS FROM THE GAME!

6 thoughts on “Danganronpa: The Animation Episode 5 – Secrets and Sins

  1. Yep, sorry Sakura, but you’ve been replaced by Genocider Sho as the best character, and I haven’t even watched the last two episodes 😀

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