My Survival Strategy in Danganronpa

Dangan Ronpa The Animation

When I am watching anime, I often imagine myself being a certain character inside the show. Not the protagonist nor his side characters but a unique addition to the casts. I spend some time before dozing off to sleep thinking what would I do when I’m in that situation. That often happens when I’m watching shows about survival games.

So let me talk about what I would do if I am one of the Super High School Level students locked inside the Hope’s Peak Private Academy and I’m forced to participate in that mutual killing game.

Let’s get straight to this question:  Will I kill someone?

The answer is NO.

I’m not pretending to be a good guy here so, don’t get the wrong idea! Besides the obvious ‘killing is a bad thing’, I’m just afraid to die. You know what happens to someone who got discovered in the class trial for the murder he/she has done right? They face a very nasty way to die. That’s what I’m afraid of. Not just a simple death but a creepy and horrifying one. I would prefer to be killed by my fellow classmate than to face that kind of execution!

But wait Shii-chan, there’s also a possibility of facing that “horrifying death” if you got the wrong guy during the class trial, so what now? That’s a good question my dear self. But let’s not forget other variables here – the other characters. Since I have Kirigiri and Naegi on the scene, I think I’ll be safe for a while.

After solving two mysteries in a row, Kirigiri and Naegi proved that they could be relied upon during investigation. I’m not really a smart chap and I fail at solving mysteries so I’m not going to be a big help. I’ll just be there to give some observations that those two failed to see just like the other characters. But I am planning of something, I will monitor those two. What if one of them suddenly betrayed all of us because we relied too much on them? Since I’m not of much help during class trials, I would just make sure that those two wont be involved in a murder.


What’s left for me to do is to protect myself. I have a weak body and reflexes so direct or surprised encounter with a murderer will be much of a disadvantage on my side. So I just have to prevent it. My movements will be much more calculated but at the same time unpredictable. I will avoid going to places where I’ll be alone and I’ll make sure that I’ll be accompanied by two or more persons. It will also work as an alibi in case I’ll be wrongly accused. I’m not that good at defending myself and I always end up being accused of something because I act weirdly… something like that.

Anyway, who will be my friends in the show? I think I will be closed to Asahina, Oogami and Naegi. I mean, they’re all friendly and Asahina loves donuts as much as I do. I would like to get close to Kirigiri and Touko but both of them have a wall surrounding them that I think I won’t be able to break them. I will most likely avoid people like Togami, Hagakure and Celestia. I mean, there are some certain feel to them. One acts too highly about himself, one is an absolute idiot and one is a cold-hearted Goth loli.

During nighttime, I won’t go out and I won’t open my door no matter what. I will follow the school rules so I won’t end up dead like Junko. I’ll write up everything that I’ve observed about my classmates, the environment and Monobear on my notebook and try to think, think and think. I guess, I’ll use up most of my brain cells during my stay there. But one thing is for sure, I’ll spend most of my nighttime shaking in fear.

Well, so far that’s what I think I would do in case I’m stuck with the characters in danganronpa. It doesn’t guarantee my survival because I think I have a very low survival rate in this kind of game. But I won’t certainly die because of me being stupid.

Anyway, do you think I’ll survive? How about you? What’s your survival strategy if ever you’re stuck in the same situation?

I won’t be blogging about Danganronpa anymore because I already know what will happen next. I won’t be able to blog honestly about my “feels” regarding the episode, so yeah. But I’ll be sticking to the show until the end, don’t worry.

3 thoughts on “My Survival Strategy in Danganronpa

  1. ❤ Dangan Ronpa =) I'd like to think i'd be hanging out with Naegi and Kirigiri. Maybe it's a little arrogant to think that I could keep up with them, but i'm not someone who could sit around in that situation and those two are the ones that are really doing something about it. It would also help to be in their loop so I could be up to date on all of the new information regarding the crimes and the school itself. I'm a pretty logical guy, so I don't think i'd hold them back.

    That doesn't mean i'd ignore the others though. While Yamada may have some of the same interests as me, I really don't like him…like at all. Asahina, Oogami, Fukawa, Maizono and possibly even Leon are the other people i'd spend time with. I don't mind Celestia, Junko and Hagakure, but the others i'd keep my distance from. Especially Fukawa, because she's just weird.

    I think i'd also keep notes but be very careful to avoid writing down thoughts that other characters might find offensive (ie. my thoughts on the people I didn't like). I'd try and stay in groups of 3 and never leave my room at night, as well as always being prepared to defend myself when anyone came to my door. I'm probably a bit more confident in my physical abilities, so that would make me feel a little safer. Due to the rule against breaking locked doors, I wouldn't worry too much a night time.

    That was pretty fun to write, actually. Good post!

  2. me párese que eres el típico chico que se párese ami XD, pero con forme a tu pregunta de que si algún día mataras a alguien mmmm es no pero aceptarlo aveces hay tantas ganas de si hacerlo.

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