Boys, Please Kiss Him Instead of Me – Junko’s Shoujo Manga Debut

Boys Please Kiss Him Instead of Me

As some of you know, I’ve read quite a number of BL manga. One of my favorite mangaka is Junko. I think I’ve read all of her ‘fan-translated manga’ like Kimi Note, Konbini-kun and Star-like Words. One thing that I liked about her works is her character designs. I don’t know much about arts but I know good stuffs when I see one. The way she draws her characters and the backgrounds is awesome. Not to mention, in every manga she created the character designs are quite different, unlike Natsume Isako (another one of my favorites) wherein the characters seems like a reoccurring personalities in different manga.

Anyway, I’m going to talk about Junko’s latest work and her first attempt into the world of shoujo. I think there’s not much of a difference between BL (not the smut type) and Shoujo. I mean, they’re both catered for girls and tackles about love in a so fairy tale – like way. The only difference is that… it’s guy on guy. Okay, don’t look at me like that. I’m not saying that the genres are the same. I think there’s only a lot more thrill in BL manga because of this taboo about that kind of relationship.

The similarities are pretty much apparent in her latest work. It’s fairy tale – like and no one would believe that such things would happen in real life. It’s still on going but from what I’ve seen in the first chapter, I think it’s cute in its own way.

Boys Please Kiss Him Instead of Me 2

Our main girl, Serinuma Kae, is a chubby fujoshi who enjoys “shipping” her guy classmates among each other. There really is something wrong with her but I think a lot of fujoshis can relate. One day, one of her favorite anime character died and that made her depressed. She didn’t leave her room for some days and when her mother and brother checked upon her, she became a cute and sexy lady! Now, isn’t that unbelievable? Anyway, after changing into that cute girl she managed to strike the heart of our four handsome guys. The guys have the quality in them that can make them leads of their own love stories but Junko manages to send them into Kae’s harem. The problem is, she doesn’t want the attention! All she wants is to see them kiss and bang each other! Well, with that, a lot of us can relate.

The first chapter is ridiculous and well we can expect it to go in further for the next few chapters. But despite that, it’s enjoyable if you’ll read this with an open mind. The unrealistic weight loss, the guys’ shallowness and etc can turn off some readers but let’s face it, it’s going to be a really fun series!

I’m quite excited for the next chapter. It’s so cute and it has a LOT of potentials. From what I experienced on Junko’s works, I believe that she can pull it out. She already managed to win my heart as a BL mangaka who writes sweet, light-hearted and tender love stories and I believe that she’ll do the same in this genre.

11 thoughts on “Boys, Please Kiss Him Instead of Me – Junko’s Shoujo Manga Debut

  1. there is a lot of Cinderella kind stories where boy or girl transforms. Oh well sounds interesting. so I try to read it.

  2. The only thing I hate was that the boys liked her because of her looks. I like the boy at the left bottom who’s your fav?

  3. bagando en blogs se encuentra muchas cosas interesantes esto es uno de ello, y creo que ese manga sebe interesante tratare de leer

    • I do not understand/know how to speak Spanish but thanks for the comment! (Yo no sé hablar español, pero gracias por el comentario!) – used google translate lol

  4. I wanna read this, but I’m a bit scared that I won’t be able to wait while it is still ongoing. I mean, just look at this update log in batoto:

    Ch.3: Can I Become Friends with the Ball? 21 November 2013 – 09:58 AM
    Ch.2: Can I Do It? Real Life Otome Game!? 20 September 2013 – 01:13 AM
    Ch.1: Unbelievably, This Is Reality 24 July 2013 – 02:55 AM

    I will never be able to wait in agony for the next update. (இ﹏இ`。) I wanna read it, but waiting might just be too much for my poor heart to take! >.<

    • I feel you.

      Well, actually I have read up until Chapter 2. It didn’t appeal to me that much. It’s cute in a lot of ways, yeah, but I dunno… I’ll just wait for it to finish and judge it afterwards 🙂

      Seeing a fujoshi lead is really refreshing though.

      • Hmm…so it’s just like a shoujo with BL elements? Oh. I hope it wouldn’t be too fairy tale-ish and the comedy would be more wacky…

        Yeah. I like stories with fujoshis as main characters, like Mousou Shoujo Otakukei, Fujoshi Kanojo and Kuragehime(MC is a jellyfish otaku). They’re kinda relatable? And the comedy is nice. ;D

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